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Home Exteriors Try on 2024 Colors of the Year

The trendiest colors of the year may provide the perfect exterior refresh to boost curb appeal.

You may have already spotted many of the 2024 Colors of the Year inside homes—but how about outside? Jackie Mosher, cofounder of Dzinly, a virtual design platform that allows users to test different home exterior features, says a pop of color may be just what a home needs to spice up its curb appeal in the new year.

From darker grays to every shade of blue, Dzinly’s virtual platform offers an illustration of how some of the 2024 Colors of the Year could work on a home’s exterior.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Blue Nova’

Benjamin Moore’s “Blue Nova" is a deep and sporty hue that combines blue with a subtle hint of purple. “This dynamic color choice exudes energy and contemporary style, making it an ideal option for those looking to infuse their living spaces with a vibrant and modern ambiance,” Mosher says. “Whether applied on your front door or cladding, Benjamin Moore Blue Nova promises to make a lasting impact, transforming any exterior into a space of distinct charm and character.”

Dzinly’s color palette:

Sherwin Williams’ ‘Upward’

Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Year is a serene, light blue with subtle gray undertones, Mosher says. “This delicate shade evokes a sense of weightlessness, inviting you to explore the soothing, open expanse of the sky,” she adds. “It's an excellent choice for exterior siding, where it can infuse your home with a sense of serenity and simplicity.” Also, it can pair well with cool, pastel accents, she says. The versatile color can dress up a charming cottage or a modern architectural exterior, offering a timeless choice, Mosher says.

Dzinly’s color palette:

Behr’s ‘Cracked Pepper’

Amid the wave of blue hues, Behr added a pinch of contrast with its choice of "Cracked Pepper" as the 2024 Color of the Year. “Cracked Pepper perfectly aligns with the ongoing trend of moody and dramatic home exteriors that have been gaining momentum in recent years,” Mosher says. “In contrast to the traditional preference for lighter, more neutral shades for home exteriors, the moody trend is all about embracing the darker side of design.”

The deep gray provides a rich, darker shade that can make a bold statement and help a home stand out in the neighborhood, Mosher says.

Dzinly’s color palette:

Dunn Edwards’ ‘Skipping Stones’

"Skipping Stones" is a medium blue that evokes the energizing spirit of the sea, Mosher says. “It is an ideal choice for cladding the exterior of a home,” she adds. “It infuses your residence with a refreshing and timeless coastal feel, creating a harmonious and revitalizing atmosphere that reflects the collective yearning for calm and equilibrium in the year to come.”

Dzinly’s color palette:

C2’s ‘Thermal’

“Thermal” is a bright, light blue that can exude both invigoration and calmness, Mosher says. “This fluid and refreshing shade is an ideal choice for exterior home design, where it can be applied to doors or shutters,” she adds. “Thermal offers a revitalizing and tranquil atmosphere, creating a welcoming and refreshing exterior that resonates with a sense of balance and serenity. Whether it's the invigorating quality it brings or the calming touch it offers, this color promises to transform the doors or shutters of your home into a space that harmonizes with the surrounding environment, evoking a delightful and balanced living atmosphere.”

Dzinly’s color palette:

Dzinly’s Choice: ‘Intelluctual’

Dzinly selected Behr's "Intellectual" as its 2024 Color of the Year for the exterior. “It is a captivating color that exudes sophistication and depth, making it a stunning choice for contemporary exteriors,” Mosher says. “Its rich, deep gray—with subtle undertones of warm, leathery brown—perfectly aligns with the moody exterior color schemes that our exterior designers have been favoring.”

Mosher says “Intellectual” is a versatile color that can complement otherwise neutral color palettes, allowing a seamless blend of a range of other tones and materials. “Whether applied as a focal point at the front door, to enhance shutters, create contrasting trim or even cover the cladding, ‘Intellectual’ by Behr proves itself as a versatile option for any part of your home's exterior,” she says.

Dzinly’s color palette:


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