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Highlight Home Storage in Your Staging

Keep items in neatly stacked containers, and clear out the clutter to show off extra storage space.

By Evelyn Long, Renovated

Buyers crave homes with more storage. You know they’ll be snooping in closets, cupboards, attics, and garages to size up the space for their stuff. That’s why it’s so important to keep these areas clutter-free. In 2018, 80% of millennials wanted garage storage, and 79% wanted a walk-in pantry. Additionally, 73% wanted a linen closet in the owner’s suite bath, and 70% desired built-in shelving.

Rest assured, even if the home you’re selling doesn’t have a lot of space, you can still find ways to feature the storage it does have. Are there shelves? Is there a coffee table with a hidden compartment? No matter how much storage you have, there’s probably a way for you to stage your home in a way that’s appealing to the market. Here are a few ideas.

1. Declutter

You can’t show off storage without taking this vital step first. A neater closet or shelf is more appealing than one jam-packed with stuff. Have your sellers place extra items that they want to keep in boxes, and store them in a rental bin or neatly stack them in a basement or garage. Keep these bins arranged vertically in order to show off an optimized storage space; demonstrating an organized garage can be an extra bonus in your decluttering drive, too.

2. Clean

Once you’ve reduced household clutter, you’ll want to clean. Closets and cupboards often go unnoticed in your regular cleaning. Wipe down the walls and any shelving to get rid of dust. If you have a walk-in closet, vacuum the floor so you can show it off better. Buyers can be quickly turned off by dust and debris. This is one of the most important steps for both closets and the rest of the home.

3. Add decor

To amp up the look of built-in shelves, add books, candles, or vases. This shows buyers that the rest of the home has enough storage space—because the built-ins are being used as decoration.

Additionally, adding a pop of colored decor will draw the attention of potential buyers. Demonstrate that your home’s storage is a seamless part of the overall living experience. You want to highlight each and every shelf and give your home a little character in the process.

4. Give the spaces an update

If you have enough time before staging, remodel some of the storage areas of the house. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the closets, or add more shelving. White paint can brighten the areas and make them appear larger. Also, you can add lighting fixtures to storage spaces that seem dark and dim. Trying a few simple updates to closets or cupboards can elevate your home and catch a buyer’s eye.

5. Store your items in neatly stacked containers

Purchase a few stackable containers. Instead of cramming belongings into bags and cardboard boxes, plastic containers can help make everything look more organized and neat.

Be careful not to overstuff closets or cupboards. You want to keep all storage areas less than full. Filling them to the brim makes them cluttered and only shows how small a space is.

About the Author:

Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and editor with a passion for classic townhomes. She manages Renovated, a home improvement blog dedicated to design and DIY advice.


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