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HGTV Host Page Turner Rescues Investors From Renovation Nightmares

The host of “Fix My Flip” shares lessons she learned while fixing home improvement fails on a small budget.

When home flippers, especially novices, start knocking down walls, they often discover a lot can go wrong. That’s where real estate broker Page Turner comes in. The host of HGTV’s new show “Fix My Flip” helps pull first-time real estate investors out of a money pit when renovations go wrong.

Page Turner With Clients
Photo courtesy of HGTV

Turner formerly co-starred in HGTV’s “Flip or Flop Nashville” and was a guest judge on “Rock the Block.” In her new solo six-episode series, Turner, a real estate pro with eXp Realty in Los Angeles and Nashville, works with owners who are at the brink of maxing out their budgets. Styled, Staged & Sold recently caught up with Turner to learn some of the ways she’s saving home flippers from renovation disasters.  

Have a team of talent on-call. Investors need a solid business plan, budget, and team of contractors for any large-scale renovation project, Turner says. She suggests home flippers bring along a contractor when shopping for investment properties to help them evaluate potential remodeling projects. “Don’t go into these projects blind,” she says. A contractor can help identify potential structural problems, such as sloped flooring or foundation issues. Even Turner consults local real estate market experts on the show to find out which projects have the most value in the area. She also encourages her clients to “pad their budgets” (costs for construction materials, such as lumber and windows, have been surging lately). Plus, with large-scale renovation projects, extra costs almost always pop up when tearing out floors and walls, she says. For the finishing touches on properties, Turner teams up with a designer and home stager to boost aesthetic and curb appeal.

Follow the trends of your market. Turner prioritizes upgrades based on ROI. Kitchens, bathrooms, and “head of household” areas are often key targets for home improvement. But Turner is finding that projects in other areas of the home, such as offices and outdoor space, are resonating with buyers. She’s placing a greater focus on adding private home offices—or “parent hideaways,” as she calls them. She’s also found the farmhouse style, which is traditionally more southern, is trending in California, the backdrop of Turner’s show. It’s “cozy, comforting, and warm,” she says about the enduring style trend. Her design team channels that style to resonate with buyers when staging the properties for resale. Also, wood accents on exteriors is a hot trend, Turner says.

Page Turner
Photo courtesy of HGTV

Leverage more color. A can of paint can go a long way when working under tight budgets, Turner says. But don’t just reach for the grays. “Be a little more daring,” she says. “Gray was once considered the hot new neutral. But where we are in life, step outside a little bit. Dare to be bold and a little different.” Worst-case scenario? You’ll have to repaint. Paint requires much less of a commitment than other large-scale renovation projects and is among the most affordable, too. Turner tried a peach wall color in a bathroom in the first episode of “Fix My Flip.” But the team didn’t like it and ended up repainting it. She didn’t regret reaching outside the color spectrum, though, to try something different. She urges others to try to incorporate more colors; her favorites are blues and greens. And she’s not scared to mix in a pink sink here and there either. “Color can add a more customized feel, and that’s what buyers are looking for,” she says. (Need some color inspiration?)

Watch a sneak peek below of Turner’s new HGTV show, “Fix My Flip.”


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