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How Designers Are Channeling the 2022 'Colors of the Year'

Periwinkle blue and shades of green are appearing in more home decor. Interior designers reveal how they’re incorporating these hues.

Pantone chose periwinkle blue—a shade the company is calling “Very Peri”—as its 2022 Color of the Year, while several other paint firms favor green:

  • Sherwin-Williams: “Evergreen Fog”
  • Benjamin Moore: “October Mist”
  • Glidden: “Guacamole”
  • PPG: “Olive Sprig”

How are these colors showing up in home design this year? Interior designers offered their opinions on what’s hot and how to pair 2022 colors with other hues.

Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors

“I think the green tones in Evergreen Fog, October Mist, Guacamole, and Olive Sprig will be a bit more popular, while Veri Peri will be more impactful,” says Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors. “The soft, earthy greens of Evergreen Fog, October Mist, and Olive Sprig feel palatable and user-friendly for homeowners. They pair well with cream, yellow, and black."

On the other hand, "Very Peri is nuanced and unfamiliar, which will inspire designers to explore its possibilities,” he adds. “It would pair nicely with navy, white, tan, and green.” 

See how Thomas styled a similar bold color in the periwinkle family with a retro Smeg refrigerator and antique Blue Willow dishware.

Blue Fridge
Photo credit: Haylei Smith

Also, view the following two images of a Thomas Guy Interiors room decorated with colors similar to the green Colors of the Year.

Green Ottomans
Photo credit: Jen Burner

Mary Patton, Mary Patton Design

“One of my very favorite color combinations is periwinkle and peach,” says Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design. “It can be used in any room, but I love it for a bedroom.”

Peri Wall and Bed
Photo credit: Molly Culver

As for Evergreen Fog, October Mist, and other shades of green, Patton says: “I like that they are sophisticated and not hyper-feminine. Soft greens have become a chic neutral that is a little bit different.” She also notes that beyond a wall color, “I would use the green in upholstery fabric; it wears well, especially in a high-performance velvet.”

Green Wall
Photo credit: Molly Culver
Green wall with brown chairs
Photo credit: Molly Culver

Mel Bean, Mel Bean Interiors

Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors is known for her bold color combinations. As seen below, she has used colors in the periwinkle family for both wall coverings and upholstery. “It is actually very versatile, as it works well in a multitude of spaces,” Bean says. “Periwinkle can be used for the walls and can be a great option for painting furniture or cabinetry as well.”

Periwinkle Chair
Photo credit Laurey Glenn
Bookcase & Desk
Photo credit Laurey Glenn
Periwinkle Wall
Photo credit Laurey Glenn
Periwinkle Rug and Table
Photo credit Laurey Glenn

Brittany Farinas, House of One 

Very Peri is “calming but still so chic,” says Brittany Farinas of House of One. “We're actually working on a gorgeous custom headboard in a lavender color right now, which we're all very excited about. I think Very Peri could look amazing on any type of upholstery. Whether that be accent pillows, throws, or the bed itself, Very Peri is such a versatile and pretty color that can add interest to almost any space."

Table and Chairs
Photo credit: Lifestyle Production Group
Couch & Cushions
Photo credit: Rosie Mendoza

As for Evergreen Fog, Farinas says: “I can see Evergreen Fog painted as an accent wall in a dining space to give a calming effect while still adding some drama to the space. I can also see this in upholstered accent pillows on a cream sofa to add dimension to a living space." 

Mariko Blakemore, Stoneside Blinds & Shades

Mariko Blakemore, a San Francisco designer for Stoneside Blinds & Shades, is all about accessorizing with the 2022 colors. “New trends must be incorporated into our living spaces in a way that fits into our lifestyle and the elements we already own,” Blakemore says. “Varieties of grey furniture/paint/finishes have been going strong for a while now, which means people still have a lot of lovely grey elements they are working with. But there is also a growing feeling that we’ve been oversaturated in grey. To make our grey furniture exciting again, periwinkle and green wall colors are good compliments.”

The following are mood boards for both Evergreen Fog and Very Peri that also incorporate fabrics and blind options from Stoneside.

Fabric Samples
Photo credit: Stoneside Blinds & Shades
Photo credit: Stoneside Blinds & Shades

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