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Designers Predict the Hottest 2023 Home Trends

Learn 8 styles that are on interior designers’ radar for the new year, along with three they hope to never see again.

You’ll likely see some familiar design trends in the new year, such as greater use of greenery, mix-and-match patterns and vintage touches. Interior designers share what they predict will be the most popular trends of the new year.

Purple Power

“I’m seeing shades of dark purple rising in the trends for 2023,” says Brittany Farinas, creative director with House of One in Miami. “Whether it’s in drapery or an accent wall, I’m loving this dark and sexy color to add moodiness to a space.”

Purple furniture and walls
Photo credit: Molly Culver / Designed by Mary Patton, Mary Patton Design

Stone Hinged

Farinas believes stone furniture will be another hot trend for 2023. “In the middle of this year, we saw many applications of natural stone being celebrated in the form of furniture, such as side tables, console tables and dining tables,” she says. “I think this is going to be a trend that will carry into 2023, with many vendors jumping on the wagon to offer and promote stone furniture.”

Stone Decor
Photo credit: Kris Tamburello / Designed by House of One
Stone Decor
Photo credit: Kris Tamburello / Designed by House of One
Stone Decor
Photo credit: Kris Tamburello / Designed by House of One

Moody Lighting

Forget bright, ceiling task lighting. A popular trend is LED strip lighting along ceiling edges and walls or underneath cabinets. Sconces and table lamps also provide softer light, says Vy Truong and Han Dang, founding partners and designers at Very Handsome Studio in Houston.

Moody Lighting
Photo courtesy: Very Handsome Studio

Fanciful Fluting

Truong and Dang also predict that fluting and reeding details will continue to stay relevant in home interiors. “We believe material usage—non-wood—and sizing will change to make this detail more interesting,” they note in their forecast. Fluting has been incorporated everywhere, from the back of a kitchen island to glass cabinet fronts.

Mixing It Up

Contrasting colors and metals continue to add visual interest in a space. Using bright monochromatic color schemes along with an impactful metal, like gold or silver, can pull the design together, Truong and Dang note.

Retro Touches

Vintage and eclectic collages will be used in more home interiors. “Collages of unique items are preferred rather than perfectly curated spaces with matching furniture/design pieces,” Truong and Dang note. Read more: Hot Home Trend: Antiquing Your Design.

The Slab Backsplash

April Gandy at Alluring Designs Chicago calls this one of her favorite design trends for 2023. “Slabs of quartz or marble are perfect for any design aesthetic and help to create a clean, seamless look in any kitchen,” Gandy says. “The lack of grout lines make this backsplash super low maintenance and so easy to keep clean.”

Slab Backsplash
Photo credit: Llove Studio Photography / Designed by Alluring Designs Chicago

Home Office Upgrades

“Companies are focusing on work-life balance more and more so creating a designated space at home for work is key for professionals who have the ability to work remotely,” says Grandy. “Feature walls that create interest on video calls are still sought-after features in home office designs.”

Home Office
Photo courtesy: Llove Studio Photography / Designed by Alluring Designs Chicago

3 Trends That Are Out for 2023

Certain color combos or patterns may be dating your home interior in the new year. Amy Youngblood, principal designer with Amy Youngblood Interiors in Cincinnati, advises steering clear of the following out-of-style trends:

  • All-white bathrooms are on their way out in 2023. “All-white is hard to keep clean and, honestly, it’s a little boring,” Youngblood says. “People are leaning towards more unique, colorful and textured spaces that don’t feel so sterile.”
  • The classic chevron tile screams 2010s. “It does not fit the organic and calming vibe that is on trend currently,” she notes. “We hope to see it disappear for a while.”
  • Red and orange paint are darker, warm colors that are fading in popularity in bathrooms. “These outdated colors make small spaces feel closed in and stressful,” Youngblood says.

View more fading trends: 10 Horrifying Home Design Trends (2022 Edition)


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