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Beat the All-White Kitchen Blahs With More Colorful Options

Whether channeling a more nature or coastal vibe, more renovators are using color in the hopes that their kitchens leave a more lasting impression.

Green kitchen
Photo credit: Magnet Kitchens

Colors are spicing up kitchen design. Magnet, a kitchen retailer based in the United Kingdom, recently analyzed sales trends as well as social media and Google search data among U.S. and U.K. consumers to identify the most popular trends. Say goodbye to all-white, cookie-cutter kitchens as colors like greens and blues become appealing options to homeowners.

“Over the decades, the kitchen has moved from a primarily functional space to the center of the home,” says Jenn Nash, senior design lead at Magnet. “This evolution of use also brings a new, invigorated appreciation of color. People are increasingly using the home to express themselves but need versatile spaces. Multiuse spaces need extra-thoughtful consideration, but an emphasis on living spaces rather than practical is getting peoples’ imaginations flowing.”

Magnet reveals the following top three kitchen cabinet colors in its 2023 interior trends report.

Nature-Inspired Green

Green kitchen
Photo credit: Magnet Kitchens

Magnet’s report found that over the past year, Google and Pinterest searches for “green kitchens” have jumped 50%. The term nets an average of 74,000 monthly Google searches. On Pinterest, searches for “olive green kitchens” have increased 51% during the past year, and searches for “sage green kitchens” are up 48%.

“From deeper forest and olive shades to the more subtle tones of eucalyptus and sage, the versatility of the green hue is, in part, what makes it the go-to palette in today’s modern kitchen,” Nash says. “Combining associations with nature and an evocativeness of balance, growth, renewal and harmony, green is a refreshing color that allows the hardest-working room in the home to feel both invigorated and calm in equal measure.”

The rise of green kitchens also falls in line with growing consumer interest in biophilic interior design, a concept that taps into our human instinct to connect with nature, Nash says. “If we look at the popularity of crittall and bi-fold doors—displaying open views of the outdoors—increased use of botanical architecture and the juxtaposition of both refined and raw natural materials used in the kitchen, it’s evident that more and more of us are looking to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior,” Nash says.

Magnet reports that over the past six months, demand for green cabinets has grown the fastest. The company’s Ludlow Arboretum Green kitchen, which launched last summer, has already become one of the most popular styles.

Blue Kitchens

Blue kitchen
Photo credit: Magnet Kitchens

Thanks to the coastal interior trend—which actress Reese Witherspoon helped popularize with her powder blue kitchen—Magnet reports that demand for light blue kitchens is soaring. Searches for blue kitchens increased 24% on Google and 25% on Pinterest over the past year. What’s more, Google searches for “beach blue kitchens” have skyrocketed 271% in the same time period.

‘’Blue kitchens have been an extremely popular choice over the last few years,” Nash says. “Oceanic, serene, safe and stylish, they offer a versatile foundation that pairs perfectly with classic shaker styles as well as minimalistic modern designs. As people look for more contemporary takes on classic palettes alongside brighter environments, we are seeing lighter shades of blue kitchens grow in demand.” Lighter blue hues offer a timeless, fresh approach “with an added sense of playfulness and personality in both classic and contemporary spaces,” she adds.

Darker hues of blue also are trending. Magnet reports that over the past six months, navy blue kitchens have been the company’s second-best seller next to Tatton Midnight.

Neutral Kitchens (But Not White!)

Kitchen with neutral colors
Photo credit: Magnet Kitchens

Colors in the kitchen don’t have to be too bold, Magnet notes in its report. Despite the rise of maximalist interior trends, neutral and cashmere kitchens remain one of the biggest trends of 2023.

Magnet reports that Google searches for “neutral kitchens” have increased 47% over the past year while searches on Pinterest have jumped 54%. Similarly, searches for “cashmere kitchens” have increased 22% on both Google and Pinterest. Beige and neutral kitchens have been Magnet’s third-best seller over the past six months.

“Although we are seeing more people embrace brighter and more saturated colors in the kitchen and beyond, the minimalist kitchen trend and its accompanying neutral palette still holds strong in 2023,” Nash says. “These hues have a space-enhancing effect and offer the clean and timeless finish all-white kitchens have so long been used for.”

Earthy tones can offer a warmer, cozier vibe than white, Nash adds. “This soft, cozy feel is what defines the emerging trend for cocooning—feeling safe and nurtured with the help of cozy interior styling,” she says. “Think traditional, heritage styling mixed with contemporary accents, increased use of green shades, lots of layering, timber textures and plenty of soft furnishings. Cozy living is a key trend to look out for this year.”


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