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7 Ways to Save On Energy Costs this Winter

By Ed Michelson, HomeVestors of America Inc.

Saving money on energy costs is always a good investment. With winter fast approaching, it is that time of year when families must determine how much they want to spend on energy costs. There are, however, some simple tricks to cut costs while turning up the heat.

1. Turn off unused electronics: Everyone has heard our Mom or Dad tell us to turn off something when we are done with it. This still holds true today. When you leave a room, turn off the light. When you go to bed, close your laptop. If you go on vacation, it might be a good idea to disconnect the garage door opener.

2. Use power strips: Simply having appliances plugged in drains energy, so when possible, plug as many electronics into power strips as you can. When those items are not in use, easily switch them off by using the switch on the power strip.

3. Unplug chargers: Many houses have multiple devices that require charging. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, chances are that on any given day one could have a few items charging at once. When the device is fully charged, unplug it. Even though it is charged it still uses energy from the outlet.

4. Invest in a power monitor: Having a power monitor is a good idea for any home. It tells you how much energy you are using, and which household items are draining the most power.  By knowing where large amounts of your bill are going, you can adjust your usage accordingly.

5. Use appliance programs: A lot of new household items have self-regulation options.  Take advantage of them. This can range from power management options on a computer to programming setting for heat or air conditioning. Many appliances have some form of power-saving settings, and it is beneficial to utilize them.

6. Be smart in choosing light bulbs: Light bulbs have changed a lot the past few years. LED bulbs and compact fluorescents are much easier on power than older bulbs. They are also inexpensive, so there are multiple benefits to updating your light bulb inventory.

7. Use cold water in washing machines: A cold wash will keep clothes just as clean and uses less energy than hot water. Another fun fact: Hot water can make colors run and helps stains set, crises avoided!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ed Michelson is a real estate blogger for HomeVestors of America Inc. For more tips on real estate investing, visit HomeVestors Franchise,


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