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6 Home Design Fads That Are Fading

Some home design trends may best be left in the 2010s. Paint firm Sherwin Williams surveyed 700 professional interior designers to learn which once-popular decorative items they'd like to say goodbye to in 2020. Here's what they hope goes away:

1. Macramé

Macrame hanging on a wall behind a table

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash​​​​​​​

Last year's boho trend is fading fast, and one of the signatures of that look—macramé—is quickly losing fans. Twenty-two percent of designers chose macramé as their least favorite design trend of the last decade.

2. All-gray interiors

Nineteen percent of designers surveyed called all-gray interiors one of the worst trends of the past decade. Gray is being pushed aside as the most prominent neutral color. White interiors are slightly more favored: For comparison, only 12% of designers called all-white interiors a fading trend.

3. Shiplap

Thirteen percent of designers said this wood wall treatment is another trend they hope stays in the 2010s. Shiplap had become a signature of the modern farmhouse style, but now designers are calling farmhouse and shiplap overdone.

4. Tribal prints

Tribal design-inspired patterns of zigzags, triangles, and diamonds in earthy colors have grown in popularity in recent years. Repeated patterns of arrows in wallpaper or a geometric-patterned sofa are examples of the trend. But 11% of designers surveyed said they're growing tired of tribal prints. 

5. Concrete countertops

Concrete Counter Tops

Photo by René Porter on Unsplash

​​​​​​​Concrete's popularity in kitchen design may have been short-lived; it's all about quartz nowadays. Six percent of designers said concrete countertops and accents are a look they hope loses popularity in 2020.

6. Accent walls

A wall with a painting of a cactus hanging on it.

Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

Goodbye, accent walls. It's all about full commitment to wall color nowadays. Painting one wall a colorful hue in an otherwise neutral room is a trend that may have finally run its course. Four percent of designers called it a trend that needs to stay in the 2010s. Instead, designers are now advising to paint entire rooms in one color. 


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