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5 Updates to Liven Up the Home's Exterior

Check out these before-and-after virtual renderings to see what a difference a few style updates can make to an outdoor space.

First impressions matter, and the outside of a home has become a key area to spotlight to make sure a property gets noticed. The startup Dzinly offers virtual exterior renderings done by designers that give homeowners ideas of the possibilities before they commit to a pricey remodel.

Matt Mosher, founder of Dzinly, offers the following tips on sprucing up the outside of the home as well as some before and after virtual renderings to show what a difference some upgrades could make. 

1. Design with a purpose.

What purpose do you want your outdoor living area to serve? Do you host barbeques or outdoor candlelit dinners? Or do you want to have a cozy corner to relax and read books? Take your time to decide, and then consider a layout to use the area effectively.


In the picture below, the homeowner added a large covered porch to expand the living space and so they could enjoy being outdoors in the warmer months.


2. Stain or paint the porch.

You can freshen up the porch without spending a lot of money by adding a new coat of paint. If you are dealing with an unsightly concrete block in the porch, make the area look polished by staining the concrete, which can cost you around $4 per square foot.


In the picture below, the homeowner added paint to brighten the porch and make it feel more welcoming.


3. Add automatic retractable screens.

One of the most popular requests that Dzinly has fielded lately is for a space that has a complete roof covering but is open on the sides. Automated screens can enclose a room and keep out bugs when needed but also allow for open access at other times. 


In the picture below, the homeowner added Phantom Screens to be able to better enjoy the seating at the front of her house no matter the weather.


4. Lighten up the exteriors.

Consider unique ways to add lights based on the pattern, style and furniture of your porch, Mosher says. By layering the lighting, you can accent both sides of the porch and showcase historic architectural features. Use uplighters to draw attention to items on the porch in an inviting manner, and embrace spotlights to showcase favorite plants or trees, he suggests. Also, a hanging lantern can match the pattern and design of the space and be an attention-grabbing showstopper.


In the picture below, the homeowner wanted to update his house prior to selling it but had limited funds. He decided to paint the existing materials and make a statement with a porch chandelier and garage lights.


5. Update the stairs and railing.

You can easily add a railing for the porch. When no specific code is required for your porch railing, lower it to 30 inches so you can see over it, Mosher suggests.


In the picture below, the homeowner wanted to add new front steps and porch rails to accommodate his new dog.


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