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4 Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Accent the kitchen counters by dressing up what you put behind them.

The backsplash is an important accent when you want to spruce up the kitchen. The home remodeling site Fixr recently surveyed designers and highlighted some of the most popular backsplash trends.

Subway Tiles

Subway tile backsplash
Photo credit: YinYang / Getty Images

A classic style remains popular. Subway tiles can be stacked horizontally or installed in herringbone patterns. They come in a variety of colors and materials. More homeowners are opting for more colorful subway tiles to add visual intrigue to an all-white kitchen.

The Statement Backsplash

The statement backsplash
Photo credit: Contrastaddict / Getty Images

Overall, the latest home design trends are all about taking more chances with color. Backsplashes are being done in bolder colors, mixed materials (like metal and glass) and geometric patterns. “With a statement backsplash, the rest of the kitchen design takes a bit of a backseat, so clean lines and soft colors are needed to let the backsplash shine,” Fixr notes.

The Slab Extension

Slab extension backsplash
Photo credit: Drew Hadley / Getty Images

Countertops are being elevated, too. A popular trend for backsplashes is to extend the slab of the countertop for continuity and a high-end look. Granite, marble, quartz and quartzite all can be extended as a backsplash. The look is clean and gets rid of grout lines. But as Fixr notes, this trend can be costly; expect to pay double the cost for extending that countertop up the walls.

Art Deco

Art Deco backsplash
Photo credit: Joe Hendrickson / Getty Images

Go retro in the kitchen by pairing bold colors and geometric designs for the backsplash. “Art Deco tiles are precise, bold and very eye-catching,” says Sarabeth Asaff South, an interior design expert with “For those looking for a focal point in your kitchen design, having a dedicated area filled with these geometric designs will be sure to do the trick.”


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