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4 Hot Fireplace Trends

Fireplaces often become the focal point of a room. New technological advances are allowing home owners to do a lot more with their fireplaces too, according to Napoleon Fireplaces, a manufacturer of wood and gas fireplaces and other household products.

“We’re seeing some very interesting home designs that incorporate fireplaces in many creative new ways,” says David Coulson with Napoleon Fireplaces. “While the traditional hearth will be a mainstay for many homes, modern fireplaces with crisp lines and glass frames will continue to rise in popularity with new homes and redesigned rooms. That being said we’re seeing several new trends emerge this season that are really changing the way people are thinking about fireplaces.”

Here are a few of the trends, according to Napoleon Fireplaces:

1. Modern: There's been continued growth of sleek and modern fireplaces with clean, linear lines with less metal and more glass. Home owners want the full flame and don’t want black or chrome metal frames blocking the view or interfering with the lighting, according to the company.

2. Gas: These fireplaces continue to remain popular, offering that convenience of flicking a switch to turn on your fireplace and they're known as being easier to clean and maintain.

3. Outdoor retreat: Some home owners are putting outdoor fireplaces in to create a backyard oasis, the company notes. “The idea of turning a backyard into another room of your house is fueling the outdoor fireplace trend,” according to Napoleon Fireplaces.

Photo credit: Napoleon Fireplaces

4. Higher up: Some consumers are putting their fireplaces higher up on the wall, just like a television. New technology is allowing home owners to insert enclosed gas fireplaces anywhere in the house. Some fireplaces are also going in more unusual places, like a kitchen or bathroom.


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