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Transforming How Agents Work the Phones Using AI Call Assistants

Highlighting Proptech That Works for You

In real estate, time is one of an agent’s most valuable assets. How real estate professionals spend their time determines how they make money. Tasks that prioritize lead generation and client services are among the most valuable things agents and brokers engage in daily. Therefore, finding ways to maximize time and create efficiencies wherever possible is on every real estate professional’s list of things to do.

Agents and brokers spend a lot of their time communicating via multiple channels—especially phone calls. And those calls often take place in the evenings, on weekends and at times when agents are not in the office or at a place where they can easily document the calls, take notes and develop a plan of action based on the contents of those calls. Even with a team in place to handle delegated tasks, working the phones can be a huge time investment each day.

Streamlining Phone Tasks With AI Technology

Proptech—especially those powered by the seemingly unlimited potential of artificial intelligence (AI)—can solve business challenges in real estate and beyond. From projects such as staging homes to smaller tasks such as signing documents, there is a proptech tool to help create all sorts of efficiencies. And that includes radically transforming productivity by automating phone conversations using AI.

The number of tasks that come from one phone call cascades into more tasks. Think about it—one call often generates notes to be taken, appointments to be scheduled, questions that require follow-ups, events to be created, tasks to add to a list—oh, and don’t forget that one may have to play a voice message multiple times to catch all the details. Multiply that by so many phone calls per day and, suddenly, there’s not enough time in the day.

Productive.ai is one company offering an AI call assistant tool capable of note-taking, task management, event tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) platform logging.

The Benefit for Real Estate Professionals 

Phone conversations are one of the real estate professional’s most valuable datasets. The discussions they have with clients, vendors, allied organizations and teams are critical to business efficiency and success. AI call assistants can take that data directly from the agent’s or broker’s mouth and automate important yet time-consuming tasks from calls.

Tools like Productive.ai can automate the important contents of every phone conversation. It can provide AI summaries and transcriptions of every call, add actions items to task lists, schedule appointments discussed in the calls, archive vital information in a CRM (or act like one for those who do not have a CRM) and offer instant audio and transcription playback.

Using Productive.ai’s call assistant means every phone call is organized, transcribed, followed up on and logged before anyone has even grabbed a pen. There is no change in engagement with whomever an agent or broker is speaking with, but the real estate professional benefits from the power of AI to almost instantly automate the workflows and tasks that come from every call. Freeing agents and brokers from manually organizing the follow-up tasks generated by every phone call means that they can increase efficiency and maximize their time without sacrificing the attention to detail required to deliver excellent customer service.

Beyond the AI call assistant, these tools will soon be able to help users handle additional tasks such as drafting emails and populating invoices, all fueled by one single source of truth—the real estate professional’s real-time mobile conversations.

View Productive AI in Action

New Solutions to Existing Challenges

Of all the things there are to do in any given day, agents and brokers must prioritize those that add the most value to clients and to their businesses. Saving time and finding the best ways to effectively communicate with clients while managing all the related tasks that come with those interactions is critically important to success for real estate professionals.

Technology is rapidly transforming the way business is done in exciting ways, but building great relationships will always be at the core of successful real estate businesses. Using AI calling assistants changes nothing about your relationships and how you interact with clients, vendors, teams and everyone else you speak with during the day. But it changes everything about the work you have to do related to every phone call. As AI continues to automate workflows, it frees real estate professionals to devote more time to the connections that bring added value to customers and competitive advantages their businesses.

Authors’ Note

Productive.ai participated in the 2023 REACH Canada accelerator program, the top accelerator for technology in real estate and adjacent verticals powered by NAR’s Second Century Ventures.


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