Emerging Technology

Identifying and researching emerging tech with the potential to enrich or disrupt the real estate industry.

Introducing NAR’s Emerging Technology Team

We are very pleased to introduce the National Association of REALTORS® Emerging Technology Team; a new group announced last winter with the goal of positioning NAR as a leading voice in real estate technology innovation.

The team's mission is to identify and research emerging tech with the potential to enrich or disrupt the real estate industry. The emerging technology team is part of a larger strategy and innovation group that replaced the former Center for REALTOR® Technology.

Over the years, NAR has made a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. Through NAR’s technology growth accelerator, REACH®, we identify and partner with early stage companies or those new to real estate and help them access the industry in a way that is beneficial to our members rather than disruptive to them. Second Century Ventures, the investment arm of NAR, chooses the top REACH® (and other) companies and invests capital into them when they become more established. With the introduction of the Emerging Tech team that will focus on tech concepts and companies in their infancy, NAR will now cover the full life cycle of technologies and companies in the PropTech space.

It's exciting to know that NAR members will have full access to the knowledge around tech entering the real estate space.

Meet the Team

The first two hires in the group are Dan Weisman and David Conroy.

Dan brings 7+ years in the construction tech space and is passionate about improving business performance through the use of technology. His focus will be on the real estate transaction experience and process of REALTORS® and others who are part of the transaction, and help figure out how tech may be applicable or affect the industry as a whole. 

Dave, formerly of CRT, brings to the team 10+ years of experience in technical roles within real estate. Rejoining NAR after spending the past year launching a blockchain startup, Dave is excited to be back sharing his expertise with the membership as part of this new emerging technology group. 

The Plan

As the Emerging Tech team monitors the edges of the industry, we will identify, research, and analyze technology in order to develop balanced and insightful positions. From our research, we will be create and disseminate educational and actionable content for members, leaders, advocacy, and other key groups within NAR. This new team will also collaborate with industry leaders to help identify opportunities to partner and build relationships. Additionally we will be actively seeking out relationships with key government agencies, academic institutions and corporations funding research and development around technology.

Ultimately, we aim to be NAR's voice of technology, helping guide and drive industry innovation.

What's Next

Live Webinar:

Please join us on September 10 at 1 pm central for a live webinar where the team will be introduced, and questions answered. Registration is required

Have Questions in Advance?

Please feel free to submit a question via:

Additional Updates

In addition, over the coming months we will be publishing updates on nar.realtor/technology. The initial topics we will focus on include blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and technologies driving iBuyer models, smart homes, and privacy and security.

We are excited to work with all of you!

Questions, comments, thoughts? Feel free to email us at et@realtors.org.


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