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Help Advance Real Estate Technology As a Conduit to Consumers: Recap from REALTOR® Magazine

Real estate professionals have an intimate understanding of the interaction between homes and technology. As such, you have a responsibility to let technology innovators and developers know how their products stack up when your clients use that technology. REALTOR® Magazine’s article, "Help Innovators Get New Real Estate Tech Right", provides guidance on how and why to position yourself as a conduit for your homeowners' technology needs.

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As a real estate professional, you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to represent educated voices and bridge the gap between how an innovator thinks a product will help, and how consumers and real estate professionals actually adapt the product to their business.

REALTOR® Magazine’s recent article, "Help Innovators Get New Real Estate Tech Right" illustrates the importance of passing along feedback to developers.

Real estate professionals have this unique opportunity to be a conduit between the technology and the consumer, understanding what to do with that and how to make it actionable. You’re valuable in the technology food chain.

-Janine Sieja
Senior Vice President of Product, Realtors Property Resource®

A prime example of this relationship as an opportunity for cross-collaboration is NAR's iOi Summit, where real estate pros, innovators and investors converge to explore solutions for evolving real estate technology. At the 2022 event, futurist Thomas Frey was a featured speaker. 

People make decisions today based on their understanding of what the future holds. If you change your vision of the future, you change the way you make decisions today.
-Thomas Frey
Founder, DaVinci Institute

Of course, another relationship impacting advancements in the technology industry is the influence of legislation which has the power to encourage more robust innovation – making REALTORS® involvement at the local, state and national levels all the more vital. 

Learn more about the importance of providing feedback to developers and how to keep up with ever evolving technology advancements in the name of using your REALTOR® voice to advocate for your homeowners' best interests:

Why Real Estate Tech Developers Need Your Feedback

It may seem obvious, but providing insights on real estate technology products will make their products more valuable and accessible for both you and your clients. A recent episode of REALTOR® Magazine's podcast Drive with NAR "Why Real Estate Tech Developers Need Your Feedback" explores how real estate pros are key to ensuring tech products work in the market.

Emerging Technology for Real Estate

The influx of new technology can sometimes feel like standing in front of a firehose. NAR's own Dan Weisman and Dave Conroy are here to help you navigate it all in the Center for REALTOR® Development's "Emerging Technology for Real Estate" podcast.

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