Fostering Consumer-Friendly Real Estate Marketplaces

Most consumers work with a real estate professional because they recognize that technology is no substitute for an expert helping them to navigate risk, avoid pitfalls, and obtain results.

NAR has led our industry forward for more than 100 years by focusing on ethics, professionalism, advocacy, and putting consumers first. The result is transparent and competitive marketplaces, satisfied clients, and stronger communities.

NAR's guidance for local MLS broker marketplaces ensures consumers get comprehensive, equitable, transparent, and reliable home information, and that brokerages of any size, service, or pricing model get a fair shot at competing. NAR's policies expressly prohibit MLSs, associations, and brokers from setting or suggesting real estate commissions or fees. Compensation is always negotiable between agents and their clients.  

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Local Broker Marketplaces (MLS) In Action

Local Broker Marketplaces in Action

Economics of Buying a Home

Economics of Buying a Home

Local Broker Marketplaces Foster Competition

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are independent, local marketplaces that promote innovation and make it possible for residential real estate businesses of all types and sizes to compete.

Fostering Competition

Consumer Access & Opportunity

Local broker marketplaces create the largest, most efficient and convenient markets that ensure equity, transparency and market-driven pricing for home buyers and sellers.

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REALTORS® Champion Wealth Building & Communities

REALTORS® are everyday working Americans who champion wealth building through homeownership and property rights while advocating for their communities.

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Key Questions Answered

Answers to some of the most common questions about competition and real estate.


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Following are stories that bring to life how REALTORS® advocate for consumers, how local broker marketplaces advance equity and access, and how small businesses are beneficiaries of these local real estate marketplaces.

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