Use this downloadable content to help your members realize the value in their NAR membership. On this page, download:

  • The complete Value Proposition Toolkit User Guide, and
  • Customizable web graphics that represent the Member Value Proposition Relating to Core Standards.
    • There are two messaging themes and associated designs. Choose the one that best suits your association's personality or that represents it best. It's important to choose one of the themes and stick with it. 
    • These items will help you communicate your new value proposition. 


Downloadable Content

The Value Proposition Toolkit User Guide

This Toolkit is designed to help associations establish a clear and simple value proposition and promote the value of membership in your association.

Flyers (8.5” x 11”)

Distribute flyers at new member orientation & other meetings. Post flyers in spaces that are too small for a poster.

Posters (24” x 36”)

Print & display the posters in your office lobby, in your classrooms or at events.

Value Proposition Toolkit User Guide

To help your members connect their REALTOR® association membership and their business success, NAR is providing a value proposition based on the Core Standard activities that mean the most to REALTORS®.

This value proposition, developed using the process in this online resource, can communicate what your association does well to positively impact your member's business.