Think about how you’ll communicate your value proposition. Thinking through a plan in advance really helps!

  • Develop a simple communications plan so that you and your staff all know how you’ll rollout your new value proposition.  

  • Plan to disseminate your value proposition at specific milestones (dues renewal, inaugural/awards event, or conferences), or in your ongoing communications. 

  • Use, modify and customize the value proposition in creative ways so they tie to as many communications as possible.

Your value message will be most successful if leadership and staff own and promote the value proposition. Rally your staff and leaders behind your value proposition. Everyone must be your value ambassadors.

  • Keep staff and volunteer leaders posted throughout the development process.
  • Remind them why the Association undertook the process, and why you invested time to create a value proposition. 

Keep the promise alive during board and staff meetings. Question how significant decisions align with your value proposition. While every decision will not link to your value proposition (like buying a new building or hiring new staff) consider your value proposition in your decision-making to keep it relevant and competitive.
  • Review with them how you’ll launch and communicate the value proposition.
  • Create a cheat sheet (or a laminated wallet card) that states your association’s value proposition so they are versed when they talk to members.     
  • Use the value proposition to help you make decisions on what new activities to pursue. The value proposition can keep your volunteers focused.    
  • List the value proposition on a board agenda and on staff meeting agendas once a quarter. Discuss what you’re doing to expand on what you promise in your value proposition. Brainstorm new ways to live your promise and generate new ideas to reinforce your value.