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To select the most effective method for advertising the position, start by reviewing your budget, timeframe, scope and the job.

  • How much money is budgeted for advertising?
  • Is there money for an executive search firm, or will the recruiter conduct the search?
  • What is the timeline for posting the position and receiving candidate resumes?
  • What are the position requirements?

Where to Advertise

Your advertising goal is to select sources that will provide the most qualified candidates within your recruiting budget. Here are a range of options:

  • Executive search firms
  • Trade association ads
  • Professional association ads or journals
  • Local, regional or national newspapers
  • Recruiting Web sites


Executive search firms are expensive (fees are typically 25-30% of the position's first year salary), but can find qualified candidates in less time. Online ads allow for a set amount of ad space, and the price is based on the number of days posted on the Web site. Print and magazine ads charge by the line. Occasionally, you can find Web and print resources that post ads for free.

Writing Tips

The goal of the ad is to clearly and succinctly communicate the position requirements to potential candidates. Its text should focus on the knowledge and skills required for success in the position.

  • Attract attention with a headline about the position or your organization.
  • Accurately describe the position requirements.
  • Ensure all listed requirements are job-related and in accordance with applicable EEO laws.
  • Be flexible to increase the number of viable candidates (i.e., “Bachelors Degree in Marketing preferred” vs. “Bachelors Degree in Marketing required”).
  • Do not try to list every responsibility.
  • Use non-technical language.
  • Edit all print ads to reduce advertising costs.
  • Provide contact information and an application deadline.
  • Have applicants send their resumes and salary requirements by e-mail, mail or fax.

Download sample ads on the Creating Job Descriptions page.

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