2.3.1. I'm an association CEO. Can I delegate authority to another member of my staff to access the Compliance Tool and complete the certification form?

Yes. Follow this link and enter the requested information. Please note that a Member ID number is required for all secondary users. (Added 12.10.14)

2.4.2. When will the state association be able to access the compliance certification forms submitted by local associations in the state?

State associations currently can view the certification forms of their local member associations. Automatic notices of submission and approval are being added to the Compliance Tool. It's anticipated these enhancements will be operational mid-to-late January, 2015. (Added 12.10.14)

2.4.3. I submitted my compliance information. Now I need to add additional information. Can I get it back to make changes?

Yes. You will need to contact the state association. They will need to log on, go to "View Core Standards forms", click on "Return to association", and include a comment in the "comment" field. (Added 12.10.14)

2.8.1. Are there professional development opportunities available through NAR?

Yes. You'll find a comprehensive list of programs and courses available through NAR in FAQ 8.3.2. (Added 12.10.14)

6.3. Has NAR developed alternative "expedited" Code of Ethics enforcement procedures?

The original "expedited" procedures for enforcement of the Code of Ethics remain available at Section 20 (f-q) in the NAR Code of Ethics Arbitration Manual.

At the 2014 REALTORS® Conference & Expo (November 2014), the Professional Standards Committee recommended, and the Board of Directors approved, several new and enhanced enforcement tools. These include:

  • Clarification of the existing procedures (including timeframes)
  • An alternative "fast track" hearing process which can be adopted at associations' discretion
  • A model "citation" policy (including a schedule of fines for eligible citations) which can be adopted at associations' discretion
  • Increased use of "remote" testimony
  • Enhanced ombudsman procedures and mandatory provision of ombudsman services in 2016
  • Enhanced information about the appropriate use of "alternate" panel members
  • Restrictions on the availability of continuances

This information and materials will be included in the 2015 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. In the interim, specifics can be found in the Committee's meeting minutes on nar.realtor. (Revised 12.10.14)

6.4.1. Is every association required to offer ombudsman services?

Beginning in 2016, every state and local association will be required to offer, either directly or as part of a cooperative enforcement agreement (consistent with Professional Standards Policy Statement #40, Cooperative Enforcement Agreements, ombudsman services to members, to members' clients, and to consumers. (Added 12.10.14)

6.7. Is there an NAR model "citation system?"

Yes, a model citation system was recommended by the NAR Professional Standards Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors for inclusion in an online supplement to the 2015 Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. (Revised 12.15.14)

8.3.2. What other professional development programs and courses are available from NAR?

Following are some of the course offerings available from NAR, together with suggested credit hours:

Staff and Volunteer Leadership Development Programs

Association Executives Institute (AEI) (6 hours)

REALTOR® Association Management (RAM) Self-Study Course (6 hours for the year of course completion)

Advanced REALTOR® Association Management (ARAM) Self-Study Course (6 hours for the year of course completion)

Professional Standards Self-Study Course (6 hours for the year of course completion)

REALTORS® Excelling in Association Leadership (REAL) Self-Study Course (3 hours for the year of course completion)

NAR Leadership Summit (3 hours)

REALTORS® Leadership Program (RLP) Leadership 100 (2 hours)

REALTORS® Leadership Program (RLP) Leadership 200 (3 hours)

REALTORS® Leadership Program (RLP) Leadership 300 (3 hours)

REALTOR® association Certified Executive (RCE) Designation (6 hours for the year the designation is awarded)

NAR New AE Orientation (6 hours)

Business Specialties Courses


ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) (6 hours)

Green 100: Real Estate for a Sustainable Future (6 hours)

Green 200: The Science of Green Building (6 hours)

Green 300: Greening Your Real Estate Business (6 hours)

SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) (6 hours)


BPOR (Broker Price Opinion Resource) (6 hours)

e-PRO Day 1 (6 hours) (Note: An AE-specific course is offered at AEI but staff can also take the regular version)

e-PRO Day 2 (6 hours)

MRP (Military Relocation Professional) (6 hours)

RSPS (Resort and Second Home Property Specialist) (6 hours)

SFR (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource) (6 hours)

Other Courses

Generation Buy (6 hours)

New Home Construction and Buyer's Representation (6 hours)

Real Estate Marketing Reboot (6 hours)

REO: Responsibilities, Education and Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals (6 hours)

Successful Buyer Representation in Relocation (6 hours)

Enhance Your Brand and Protect Your Clients with Data Privacy & Security (3 hours)

Expanding Housing Opportunities (3 hours)

RPR: Real Time Data, Market Knowledge, Informed Customers (3 hours)

At Home With Diversity (6 hours)

NAR Attorneyl Seminar (morning session at the annual convention) (3 hours)

Graduate Certificate Program in Real Estate Association Management

REAM560 - Real Estate Association Management I - Leadership and Governance (6 hours)

REAM565 - Real Estate Association Management II - Association Financial Management (6 hours)

REAM570 - Program Development and Accountability in Real Estate Associations (6 hours)

REAM580 - Issues and Trends in Real Estate (6 hours)

RE520 - Real Estate Law (6 hours)

RE540 - Real Estate Finance and Investments (6 hours)

Global and Commercial Courses

Certified International Property Specialist Designation Courses

Global Real Estate: Local Markets (6 hours)

Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools (U.S. students) (6 hours)

The Business of U.S. Real Estate (Non-U.S. students) (6 hours)

Europe & International Real Estate (6 hours)

Asia/Pacific & International Real Estate (6 hours)

The Americas & International Real Estate (6 hours)

Global Programs for Associations (6 hours)


Commercial Membership By Design (3 hours)

Discovering Commercial Real Estate (3 hours)

(Added 12.10.14)