September 3, 2014

In response to questions and suggestions from local and state AEs, the following improvements have been added or will be soon. Clarifying information about the database is also provided.

  1. Adding a second staff member having access to the database
    By the end of the day on Friday, AEs will be able delegate authorized access to a second staff member. This will require that the staff member have their own M1 Member ID number.
  2. “Attach Documents” buttons
    By the end of next week, there will be “Attach Documents” buttons immediately following every question that may require attachments to be submitted.
  3. “Financial Solvency” – dates and supporting information
    This area of the database was enhanced to make it clear that multiple lines of responsive information can be inputted.
  4. “Saving” data
    After data is “saved”, the database takes users to the beginning of the form. This happens when the webpage is reloaded when information is “saved”. Whether – and how – this feature might be modified is being looked into.
  5. PDFs
    PDF file names do show in the database, and the additional field allows users to input additional information about the file.

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