Program Overview

NAR’s Commercial Services Accreditation is designed to assist your association to develop commercial services and recruit and retain commercial members in your market. The program, consisting of benchmarks centered on services, was first pioneered in 2008 in collaboration with NAR’s commercial boards & structures. NAR strives to acknowledge local and state REALTOR® associations like yours for a commitment to providing commercial services and engaging commercial members.

How Can the Accreditation Benchmarks Help Our Association?

Fundamentally, this program can assist you to identify the existing level of commercial member-centric services and engagement you have at your association.   By simply starting with assessing how many of the benchmarks you currently achieve, you can develop a course of action to not only increase services, but bring in new commercial members.

What are Benchmarks?

Benchmarks represent key commercial services and member engagement activities, many of which are aligned with Core Standard requirements. The benchmarks were derived from best practices at commercial overlay boards and commercial structures around the country as services proven to increase commercial member engagement. 

How are Associations Recognized?

To earn the Commercial Services Accreditation, your association must achieve the minimum twenty (20) required benchmarks.  Each benchmark earns the association at least one point. Once you meet the required benchmarks, your association will be recognized with a One (1) Star Commercial Services Accreditation Award. Associations earning additional benchmarks will achieve higher star level awards. You may apply at any time for a higher level award.

  • 1 Star – 20 minimum required
  • 2 Star – 30 total (10 plus the 20 required)
  • 3 Star – 40 total (20 plus the 20 required)
  • 4 Star – 50 total (30 plus the 20 required)
  • 5 Star – 60 total (40 plus the 20 required)

What Does My Association Receive for Earning the Accreditation?

Your association will receive recognition as a Commercial Services Accredited Association and be presented with a certificate to display at your association office.  Awards will be presented for associations achieving higher star award levels. 

When and How Do I Apply for Accreditation?

Your association can apply at any time. Open the online application when you are ready to start working on your benchmarks and attach supporting documentation. You needn’t complete the process at once - simply save your work as you go. 

Create Commercial Services Accreditation

Once your application is complete, press submit and you will receive feedback within two (2) weeks. 
To be recognized at the next major NAR event, the following are application due by dates:

2018 Commercial Leadership Development Day July 15th, 2018
2018 REALTORS® Conference & Expo October 1st, 2018
2019 AEI February 1st, 2019
2019 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings April 1st, 2019

What If I Need Help?

NAR is ready and available to assist your association in assessing how you are currently serving and engaging commercial members. Staff will walk you through the benchmarks, provide examples of how other associations are meeting them, and help you develop a strategy for implementing new services. Contact Shara Varner, Manager, Commercial Membership Development & Outreach at or 312-329-8282.

Download the Commercial Services Benchmarks (PDF) document as a resource when planning to apply for accreditation.


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