The Commercial Services Accreditation is a prestigious recognition program, acknowledging local and state REALTOR® associations for their commitment to providing commercial services to membership, engaging commercial members within the association, and developing the association as a voice and resource for commercial real estate in the local market. The program was developed by NAR with the help of commercial structures in 2008 to help any association develop and strengthen the commercial services offered locally to members and as a membership recruitment tool.

Your association will be recognized by NAR with the Commercial Services Accreditation once the required 35 benchmarks have been achieved as follows:


  • Communications/Marketing 6 required, 0 additional
  • Education/Professionalism 3 required, 2 additional
  • Legislative/Advocacy 3 required, 1 additional
  • Technology/Data 2 required, 2 additional
  • Governance/Structure 3 required, 1 additional
  • NAR/State Association Involvement 3 required, 1 additional
  • Community/Member Involvement and Networking 5 required, 3 additional

Once your association has achieved Commercial Services Accreditation, an annual audit of the benchmarks will be required to retain the status of Accredited association.

For more details, read the Benefits/FAQ.

If you have any questions, contact Shara Varner, Commercial Development & Services Coordinator, at or 312-329-8282.