Chicago Association of REALTORS®, IL – COMMERCIAL FORUM (commercial structure)

What: Commercial Property Tax appeal seminars.  The association is educating non-REALTOR® commercial property owners on how to appeal their property tax assessment featuring not only tax professionals but also the assessor and the Cook County Board of Review so they can file on site.
Is it successful:  Yes, we have used this program to recruit new members and build a base of trust with local chambers and managing brokers
Is it affordable: Very affordable with the help of sponsors and allocated association funds.
Is it sustainable:  It helps to engage members and non-members alike on property tax matters and allows staff to engage affiliates and elected officials in this critical public outreach.
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes, especially if you collaborate with the local tax assessors.

ph 312-731-1407

Commercial Alliance of REALTORS®, MI (commercial overlay board)

What: Commercial Summit – national speakers, 6 hours continuing education, networking.
Is it successful:  Yes. Brings together people for continuing education, but more importantly offers industry education and “running a business” education.
Is it affordable: Yes. $125 member; $175 nonmember.
Is it sustainable: Yes. Legal update panel run by affiliate member attorneys; other two sessions have the same speaker (focus on leadership/customer relations).
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes.

Emerald Coast Association of REALTORS®, FL (commercial structure)

What: Commercial core law classes
Is program successful:  Yes. The association offers commercial core law classes and the MLS director works with the commercial group. They started offering specific commercial classes and it was fairly successful. They held a CCIM introductory class and shared information about the designation program. They are offering a commercial land class and are planning to offer a CCIM. They focus on bringing services to members.  They have monthly sessions to discuss listings along with speakers addressing different aspects of commercial.  They hold forums in conjunction with other education events and participation is increasing. They participate in a commercial MLS and partner with a neighboring association.  They work with neighboring boards to share classes. They hope that another neighboring board will join as well. They have their commercial accreditation.
Is program affordable: Yes
Is program sustainable: Yes
Is program replicable in other associations: Yes

ph 850-243-6145

Greater Hartford Association of REALTORS®, CT (commercial structure)

What: Connecticut Commercial Real Estate Conference – held in conjunction w/ the University of Connecticut Real Estate Center, it’s a commercial-specific continuing education and networking event that provides continuing education credit.
Is it successful: Yes.
Is it affordable: Yes. $75 member; $95 nonmember. Includes networking reception.
Is it sustainable: Yes.
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes.

ph 860-561-1800

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®, NV (commercial structure)

What: Educational symposium – full-day program that grants 6 hours continuing education.
Is it successful: Yes.
Is it affordable: Yes. $99 member; $149 nonmember. Includes breakfast, lunch and breaks.
Is it sustainable: Yes; have held nine symposiums.
Is it replicable in other associations: Absolutely.

Indiana Commercial Board of REALTORS® (commercial overlay board)

What: Indiana Commercial Real Estate Conference – the only statewide commercial conference; provides continuing education credit for license renewal.
Is it successful: Yes, very.
Is it affordable: Yes. Cost is $185 per person for 8 hours of education; very affordable for that demographic.
Is it sustainable: Yes. It’s the only event in the state for commercial REALTORS® and it has been held for several years.
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes. They have shared their model with nearby states and it has been successful for all.

Jefferson-Lewis Board of REALTORS®, NY

What: Commercial education
Is program successful: The association mainly offers commercial education and an “introduction to commercial” class for residential members. They bring in a lender, attorney, and an economic development professional.
Is program affordable: Yes
Is program sustainable: The association offers classes in the future as interest is determined by members. 
Is program replicable in other associations: Yes

ph 315-782-1322

Northern California Commercial Association of REALTORS® (commercial overlay board)

What: Commercial education program – cadre of commercial powerpoint presentations to help REALTORS® gain expertise in commercial transactions.
Is it successful: Yes.
Is it affordable: Yes.
Is it sustainable: Yes.
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes. and

REALTOR® Association of Acadiana, LA  (commercial structure)

What: Commercial Outlook Seminar
Is program successful: Their program is a tremendous success and a flagship event. Revenue from the Commercial Outlook Seminar provides funds to host other events. The seminar offers bite-size, 15-minute sessions and a keynote speaker who shares industry-relevant information. The program is for members, the community, and state professionals in the industry. Members receive CE hours. The association participates in a statewide CIE. They received an innovation grant to help get the program started.
Is program affordable: Sponsorships and registration fees and provide funds for other commercial programs such as commercial education. 
Is it sustainable: Growth is predicted.
Is program replicable in other associations:

ph 337-233-0026

Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS®, NC (commercial structure)

What: REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Southeastern North Carolina/North Carolina Certified Commercial Investment Member Networking Summit – annual program combines CCIM courses; includes networking and increases professionalism.
Is it successful: Still determining its success.
Is it affordable: Yes. Free – limited to the first 100 participants.
Is it sustainable: Yes.
Is it replicable in other associations: Yes.

ph 910-762-7400


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