In addition to your association assessment against the benchmark models, the questionnaire results report also provides:

  • An AE job description based on your association
  • Interview questions for hiring an AE based on your association
  • An elected leadership focus based on your association

Development of a Job Description

Based on your responses to the questionnaire, the tool generates a unique sample AE job description. (Note: you must complete the questionnaire online in order to generate a job description.) The job description lists job duties, responsibilities, and skills needed, and can be modified based on the changing needs of the association.

Since most associations will not fall solely into one model, the job description will be based on skills and functions that can be tied to more than one association model. Regardless of which model you fall into, the AE will continue to ensure that the association meets the Organizational Alignment Core Standards as outlined by NAR.

This is a great document to have when negotiating employment contracts, planning for AE education classes for yourself, and defining which responsibilities are typically that of the AE and which are those of the elected leadership.

Sample AE Job Descrption (Administration Model)

Sample AE Job Description (Management Model)

Sample AE Job Description (Leadership Model)

Sample Interview Questions for the Association Executive Selection Process

Once an association executive job description has been developed from the assessment, the association can access sample interview questions that can be selected from each REALTOR® association model.

Access association executive interview questions.

Development of an Elected Leadership Focus

By completing the questionnaire, you’ll automatically generate a customized elected leadership focus that outlines the role of your association’s elected leadership. The focus outlines specific functions and responsibilities based on your selection of functions and services in the questionnaire.

With this elected leadership focus, along with a sample president job description from NAR's Volunteer Leadership Resources, you can create a president job description that suits your association model or blend of models, since most associations will not fit solely into one model.


This online assessment is a tool that will help provide guidance in the delivery of products, services, programs, and value to the association. This assessment is only one tool that should be used to examine expectations and responsibilities for the association and its volunteers and key staff leader.