Association Executives Committee
REALTOR® Party Resources Work Group
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Washington, DC
Meeting Summary

Work Group Purpose

Develop best practices to assist local associations in meeting the Advocacy and Consumer Outreach Core Standards, and to assist state associations as they provide support to their local associations in meeting the core standards.

Meeting Activity

The REALTOR® Party Resources Work Group met at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings and broke out into the following teams to zero in on their respective objectives.

Strive for Success in Advocacy and Consumer Outreach

Purpose:  Ensure that associations continuously strive to go to the next level and make a difference in their advocacy and consumer outreach initiatives.

This team discussed how to “up the game” in reaching advocacy and consumer outreach core standards.  They also discussed whether it’s reasonable to expect small associations to go beyond the minimum core standards?  The team would like NAR to provide a recap of how many REALTOR® party resources were used, and to share this information so other associations can see how they were used.

The team felt that in order to move to the next level, objective criteria should be established.  Examples include increased calls to action, RPAC member participation above NAR goals, voter registration increases, and broker involvement programs.

In addition, there needs to be a way to capture the information from questions that had an “other” box on the core standards form to see what other types of programs are being used outside of the REALTOR® Party programs in the field and what those programs are (Chambers, Farm Bureaus, coffee with the mayor, etc.).

Best Practices

Purpose:  Collect and compile advocacy and consumer outreach program best practices examples, guidelines, modules and samples.

This team will work with NAR staff to send a message to the core standards point person at each state association to ask them to identify good examples from different sized associations.  The team will then contact local associations directly for detailed information about the program or activity so it can be shared as a best practice.  In order to compile this information, they will develop a template for collecting best standards examples that will include questions on association size, contact person in charge of the program, if they have a GAD, what resources were used, and a description of the activity.

Advocacy and Consumer Outreach toolkits will also be compiled and integrated with their findings.

Identify and Overcome Obstacles

Purpose:  Identify roadblocks encountered in meeting the advocacy and consumer outreach components of the Core Standards and tips to overcome them.

This team will reach out to the compliance contact person from each state association to identify problems and concerns they had with the advocacy and consumer outreach sections of the compliance form and determine if there is a way to simplify the form.  In addition, they would like to survey the compliance contact person from each state association to identify some of the challenges that both state and local associations encountered during the first core standards cycle.

Compliance Support

Purpose:  Identify guidelines and tips for state associations as they certify local associations for advocacy and consumer outreach Core Standards compliance.

This team looked at ways to provide support to the associations in meeting the core standards requirements.  Some suggestions include use grant monies to host large local meeting to discuss core standards to provide key overview; pre-screen compliance forms before local associations submit their form; hire field representative to help local associations write grants and conduct advocacy/legislative day to meet congressmen; and provide state staff directory embedded in the core standards form so locals know who to call with questions; and have a firm deadline for the local associations to submit the form.

Next Meeting

Saturday, November 14, 2015, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
REALTORS® Conference and Trade Expo
San Diego, CA

Work Group Members

Michael Theo, CAE, Chair
Pam Krieter, RCE, Vice Chair
Trudy Bounds
Holly Callanan
Steve Candler, RCE
Paul Chasse, RCE
Christy Conway, RCE
Michael Eliason
Cari Garrigus
Margy Grant, Esq., RCE, CAE
Rebecca Grossman, RCE
Kathy Hartman, RCE
Allan HetkowskI, RCE, CAE
Michele Holen, RCE
Marti Kaiser, RCE
Travis Kessler, RCE, CAE
Duncan MacKenzie, RCE
Peter Morgan
Norman Morris, RCE, CAE
Jenny Pakula, RCE, CAE
John Sebree
Mark Stallman
Jessica Toker-Perry
Debbie Wilkens


Stephanie Walker, CRS, GRI, RSPS, SFR

Staff Executives

Susie Helm, RCE
Renee Holland
Bill Malkasian
Laurie Oken

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