Committee/Subcommittee/Forum Name: AEC/RCE Certification Advisory Board

Liaison: Matt Difanis (IL)
Chair: Sarah Rayne (MD)
Vice Chair: Maria Brogan (MA)

AEC/RCE Certification Advisory Board Goals

Goal #1

Increase the number of candidates applying for the designation to ensure greater professionalism amongst the ranks of REALTOR® association executives.

Goal #2

Ensure that REALTOR® association volunteer leaders are aware of the RCE designation and know that it raises the bar of professionalism and provides greater value to the association’s members and the community.

Goal #3

Develop and maintain all RCE policies and procedures; grade Section VI of the Applicant Data Form (ADF).

Goal #4

Continue to offer an RCE Virtual Study Group, facilitated by NAR subject matter experts, along with RCE candidates, and monitored by RCE Certification Advisory Board members, to help prepare candidates for the RCE exam.

Updated: 02/15/2024