November 2011 YPN Work Group Final Report

Work Group P​urpose

To support the needs and initiatives of an AE YPN group.

AE YPN M​eet-Up

The work group hosted its fourth AE YPN Meet-Up on Saturday, November 12.  The Meet-Up consisted of two presentations and some roundtable discussions:
• Lisa Herceg, Manager of Marketing Research at NAR, presented the results of a survey conducted to help better communicate with association staff in the Generation X and Y demographic. 
• Two REALTOR® Party consultants, Meredith Weisel and Bryan Wahl, presented to the group on the benefits of contributing to the My REALTOR® Party initiative and offered their services as consultants to local and state associations around the country.
• The following topics were discuss in roundtable breakouts:

o Running local YPN Chapters
o Focus Groups, Surveys & Interviews: When, How and Why to use them
o Communications Successes

Next Steps

Chair Chris Carrillo and Vice Chair Mark Epstein announced that the AE YPN Work Group did not meet at these meetings, since all work group initiatives could be addressed at the Meet-Up.  The AE YPN Meet-Up will continue in 2012 as an opportunity for YPN AEs to network and exchange information, but the work group will be sunset.

Work Group Members  

Chris Carrillo, OH –Chair
Marc Epstein, CA – Vice Chair
David Bennett, RCE, FL
Byron Bogaard, CA
Isaac Chavez, NM
Andrew Cooper, CA
Laurie Ganz, RCE, CO
Modene Gaulke, CO
Janet Gresham, SC
Deb Haines-Kulick, TN
Dionna Hall, FL
Elizabeth Kennedy, IN
Sharon Kerrigan, CA
Ruth Link, MT
Matt Maire, RCE, CAE, TX
Kim McCoy, IL
Amy Ritsko-Warren, MD
Emily Schwartz, RCE, CA
Margery Shinners, RCE, IL
Clint Skutchan, CO
Mike Valerino, RCE, OH
Steve Volkodav, RCE, IL
Scott Wohl, NY


Cindy Butts, RCE, CAE, ME

Staff Executives

Courtney Wilson       

December 2011