Association Executives Committee

Liaison: Andrea P. McKey, CRS, GRI
Chair: Jessica Coates, RCE, CIPS, EPRO, PSAT, C2EX
Vice Chair: Theresa Hatton, RCE, C2EX

Association Executives Committee Goals

Goal #1 - Reimagine Core Standards

Conduct a comprehensive review of the current Core Standards program and determine whether revisions are necessary and/or if there are other options for ensuring that associations continue to meet basic standards for serving our members.

Goal #2 - Local and State Partnerships

Examine AE partnerships between local and state associations and determine how to strengthen and enhance relationships to ensure greater cooperation, alignment, and support. Create a healthy and productive partnership model to ensure association success, respect, and understanding.

Goal #3 - Association DEI

Provide guidance, tools, and resources to help association leaders adopt and/or create a culture that embraces DEI principles and policies; support efforts to implement the NAR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Goal #4 - New AE Orientation

Review NAR’s current New AE Orientation and provide input on the program format and curriculum to ensure that NAR delivers valuable information and resources to assist AEs in their new positions.