Association Executives Committee
Association Management Resources Work Group Update
November 2015 – Final Report

Work Group Purpose

The Association Management Resources Work Group was charged with reviewing and updating NAR’s association management resources to ensure that all Core Standards initiatives are incorporated.

Work Group Activity

The work group reviewed and revised the following association management resources to ensure that they appropriately reference the Core Standards: Chief Staff Evaluation Resources, Succession Planning Resources, Organization Assessment Checklist, Strategic Planning Resources Toolkit, Value Positioning Toolkit, President/Chief Staff Executive Task List, Shared Services Toolkit, RARE Resource Exchange. The last tool to be updated is the REALTOR® Association Management Models Planning Tool, which is in its final update stages.

As a result of the work group's strong efforts, the group agreed to disband and did not meet formally in San Diego this November.

Work Group Members

Candy Joyce, TN (Chair)
Clint Skutchan, CO (Vice Chair)
LaDawn Anderst, ID
Jeff Arakelian, CT
Amy Aschenbrenner, CO
Richard Barkett, FL
Cub Berrian, NC
Andrea Bushnell, NC
Ryan Conrad, PA
Vardell Curtis, UT
Shirley English, FL
David Freitag, OH
David Garrison, FL
David McClintock, IL
Doris Nurenberg, NM
Veronica Precella, CO
Brandy Purcell, SD
Kathy Roberts, FL
Dan Sale, IL
Libby Sheard, AR
Chris Studebaker, IL
Philip Tedesco, RI
Albert Tran, CA
Shari Veldman, MI
Steve Volkodav, IL
Lynne Wherry, VA
Lisa Yelichek, OH


Stephanie Walker

Staff Executive(s)

Krystal Allen
Cynthia Bair