Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012
Orlando, FL

Work Group Purpose

To provide information, tools, and strategies to help REALTOR® associations understand the structural audit process, and help make it attainable for all associations.


The group first met in March 2012 and was joined by Jim Peters, a structural audit consultant. Peters helped the group understand the structural audit process so that they could create a piece that would provide value to all associations, regardless of membership size and budget. The group met again in May 2012 to review a first draft of a comprehensive structural audit checklist. This review led to a third draft of the checklist, which the group reviewed at this meeting in Orlando. The revised checklist was an attempt to be all-encompassing yet not overwhelming in assisting new chief staff executives, or seasoned chief staff executives, with the structural audit process.

Meeting Activity

The revised checklist met with strong approval from the work group. Members went through and made some additions/deletions to the checklist. They suggested adding a column to the checklist that highlights where the required documentation can be found within each association’s records. They also suggested calling the piece, “Organization Assessment Checklist.”

The group spent some time discussing the written introduction to the checklist. Staff will write the introduction, which the group will review. Everyone agreed that the introduction should note that every association is unique and as such, not everything in the checklist will apply to all associations. The introduction should reiterate that the checklist can help associations that lack financial resources begin the structural audit process.

Next Steps

Staff will send the revised checklist and draft introduction to the work group for review following the meeting. After a comment period, staff will incorporate any changes/updates to both and then post the information on the AE page on

Next Meeting

Based on the outcome of this meeting, the group does not need to meet again and will be sunset.

Work Group Members

Diane Ruggiero, RCE, CAE (KS) – Chair
Patrick Reilly (NY) – Vice Chair
Steve Blanton, RCE, CAE (CA)
David Charron (MD)
Isaac Chavez, RCE (VT)
Sheila Dodson (MD)
Margy Grant, RCE, CAE (FL)
Deb Haines-Kulick (TN)
Allen Hetkowski, RCE, CAE (PA)
Shane Johnson (OK)
Pam MacConnell, RCE (FL)
Terry Penza, RCE, CAE (IL)
Angela Shields, RCE (TX)
Richard Stauffer (NY)
Linda Stoeckicht, RCE (MN)


Joel Singer

Staff Executives

Cindy Sampalis
Cynthia Bair

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