Association Executives Committee
Strategic Planning Resources Work Group

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Washington, DC

Work Group Purpose

To develop strategic planning best practices that includes resources, a facilitator directory, and strategies and methodologies to help associations navigate through the process.

Meeting Activity

At the group’s first meeting in March, the work group separated into two breakouts to discuss the following aspects of strategic planning: facilitators; strategies and methodologies. The work group again split into these two groups to share and discuss the resources everyone collected over the past two months (as they relate to these two areas of the strategic planning process).

The facilitator resources will include guidelines to help associations determine if they need a facilitator, questions to ask a potential facilitator, and how to get the facilitator “request for proposal” (RFP) process started. The strategies and methodologies resources will include information on surveys, focus groups, and needs assessments, as well as information about the general strategic planning process. The work group was in agreement that a glossary of terms is necessary to help put everyone on the same page with regard to strategic planning.
Staff will pull together the contributions of the work group and create an online toolkit for the group’s review this summer.

Staff will also assist the work group to create a facilitator exchange database. This database will offer an affordable option for AEs to share and exchange strategic planning facilitation services. This service will be available later in the year.

Next Meeting

Saturday, November 9, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., in San Francisco, CA.

Work Group Members

Dave Phillips, RCE, CAE (PA) – Chair
Phil Tedesco, RCE, CAE (AZ) – Vice Chair
Jeff Arakelian, RCE (VT)
Richard Barkett (FL)
Mike Barr (NC)
Melanie Blakeney, RCE (TN)
Isaac Chavez, RCE (VT)
Don Flynn (CO)
Megan Meyer Foos (OH)
David Garrison (FL)
Allen Hetkowski, RCE, CAE (PA)
Terry Murphy, RCE (CA)
Lisa Noon, RCE (OK)
Ann Peterson (MI)
Amy Ritsko-Warren (MD)
Angela Shields, RCE (TX)
Edithann Wadewitz, RCE (TN)
Jon Wallace, RCE, CAE (OR)
James Yockel, RCE, (NY)


Bill Martin, RCE

Staff Executive

Cynthia Bair

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