Association Executives Committee
Strategic Planning Resources Work Group

Sunday, March 17, 2013
San Diego, CA

Work Group Purpose

To develop strategic planning best practices that includes resources, a facilitator directory, and strategies and methodologies to help associations navigate through the process.

Meeting Activity

The work group separated into two breakouts to discuss the following aspects of strategic planning: strategies and methodologies, and facilitators.

The strategies and methodologies group agreed that the distinction between a strategic plan and a business plan needs to be made. They agreed to outline the different ways to develop a strategic plan and to show that no one way is necessarily the “right” way. There are many approaches, depending on budget and membership size, and all of those approaches should be validated. It’s also important to show how the strategic plan aligns with the association budget.

The facilitator group discussed facilitator expectations. Many associations have never worked with a facilitator, so it’s important to create a level playing field and a common understanding amongst both parties. Included in the facilitator expectations will be a definition of success, so that associations know when they’ve achieved the desired outcome from the process. They will also draft a piece for associations to follow if they do not use a facilitator. 

The group touched briefly on the format for the output of this work group. It was agreed that the final product will likely take the form of an online toolkit on

Next Meeting

Thursday, May 16, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., in Washington, D.C.

Work Group Members

Dave Phillips, RCE, CAE (PA) – Chair
Phil Tedesco, RCE, CAE (AZ) – Vice Chair
Jeff Arakelian, RCE (VT)
Richard Barkett (FL)
Mike Barr (NC)
Melanie Blakeney, RCE (TN)
Isaac Chavez, RCE (VT)
Don Flynn (CO)
Megan Meyer Foos (OH)
David Garrison (FL)
Gina Haug (MS)
Allen Hetkowski, RCE, CAE (PA)
Terry Murphy, RCE (CA)
Lisa Noon, RCE (OK)
Ann Peterson (MI)
Amy Ritsko-Warren (MD)
Angela Shields, RCE (TX)
Edithann Wadewitz, RCE (TN)
Jon Wallace, RCE, CAE (OR)
James Yockel, RCE, (NY)


Bill Martin, RCE

Staff Executive

Cynthia Bair

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