Work Group Purpose

To determine the need for an AE mentor group and develop guidelines and parameters for creating such a group, if warranted.


Work group members discussed the need for an NAR-hosted AE mentor program.  There was a consensus among work group members that a national AE mentor group is needed.

Work group members reviewed and discussed solicited feedback received from state associations on current state AE mentor programs.  Work group members provided feedback and shared information on their experience with AE mentor programs. 

Work group members brainstormed and discussed possible mentor program prototypes, and agreed that a database should be created to facilitate the mentor process.  The database should identify available AE mentors, their location, demographics, demonstrated skill set, and have the ability to match AEs based on selected criteria.  Work group members also suggested that an NAR resource section be included in the mentor database design. The NAR resource section will include popular toolkits and NAR staff resources.
Work group members reviewed and discussed sample mentor/mentee profile screening questions. 

Work group members brainstormed and discussed possible roles and responsibilities of AE mentors. Guidelines were developed that outline the time commitment, methods of communication, and the overall role of the AE mentor.  NAR Human Resources Director, Donna Garcia provided guidelines from a mentor handbook that served as a good reference. 

Work members suggested that AE YPN AEs play a role in the mentor program, and that a session be created that will allow AE mentors and AEs being mentored to meet face-to-face during NAR national meetings.

Meeting Activity

The work group finalized an AE Mentor profile questionnaire that allows potential mentors to identify their background, skills, and the areas of expertise in which they are proficient.  The profile serves as a vehicle to match AEs with a mentor that is proficient in the areas of expertise that the AE is seeking.

Mentor and mentee job descriptions that outline mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities were also finalized.

Work group members reviewed and discussed a proposed mentor database process and search results page mock-up.  NAR staff will continue to work with NAR IT staff in the development of the database.

Work groups members agreed to participate in a beta test of the database and provide feedback on the process and effectiveness of the mentor selection process. 

Work Group Chair

Nelson Janes, RCE, CAE (NV)

Work Group Vice Chair

Chris Carrillo (WI)

Work Group Members

Lisa Amburn (VA)
Jill Beck (ND)
David Bennett, CAE (FL)
Kim Cox, RCE (MO)
Lottie Elam, CAE (CA)
Shirley English, RCE, CAE (FL)
David Garrison, RCE, CAE (FL)
Margy Grant (MT)
Paul Griffin, RCE (NH)
Kathy Hartman, RCE (CA)
DaVina Lara (CA)
Amy Ritsko-Warren (MD)
Janet Ruddick-Kane, RCE, CAE (WA)
Daniel Sales, RCE, CAE (IL)
Claire Shahzad, RCE (TX)
Jonathan Wallace, RCE, CAE (OR)
Mark Wilson (MD)


Joel Singer (CA)
Staff Executives
Krystal Allen
Courtney Wilson

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