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AEC Statement of Purpose

To be a resource for REALTOR® associations at all levels by 1) ensuring that there is knowledge and understanding of issues and concerns between the REALTOR® association community and NAR committees and leadership; 2) providing a framework that ensures staff and volunteer leaders have the professional development and management resources they need to provide optimal services to their members.

Advisory Boards

Association Executives Committee: Roster | Goals | Reports and Minutes
AE Institute: Roster | Goals
AE YPN: Roster | Goals
RCE Certification: Roster | Goals
Recommendations and Recognition: Roster | Goals
State AE Forum: Roster | Goals

Current Work Groups

AEC/Board Orientation Work Group: Roster | Report
AEC/Competencies and Body of Knowledge Work Group: Roster 
AEC/Leadership Express Work Group: Roster 
AEC/REALTOR® Association Collaboration Work Group: Roster  | Report
AEC/Staff Specialist Job Functions Work Group: Roster | Report