Association Executives Committee

Liaison: Matt Difanis, ABR, AHWD, C2EX, CIPS, GRI
Chair: Theresa Hatton, RCE, C2EX
Vice Chair: Tricia Thomas, RCE, C2EX

Association Executives Committee Goals

Goal #1 - Reimagine Core Standards

Conduct a comprehensive review of the current Core Standards program and determine whether revisions are necessary and/or if there are other options for ensuring that associations continue to meet basic standards for serving our members.

Goal #2 - Governance Models

Identify various governance models that local and state associations can consider to best guide volunteer and staff leadership teams as they work together to advance their organization’s mission and goals.

Goal #3 - Leadership Development Track

Consider REALTOR® association education program options that can be developed to offer continuous learning opportunities and create leadership communities for local and state chief staff executives.