2015 RCE Certification Advisory Board Goals

Committee/Subcommittee/Forum Name: RCE Certification Advisory Board
Liaison: Stephanie Walker, CRS, GRI
Chair:  Ginger Downs, RCE, CAE
Vice Chair: Amy DuBose, RCE

Advisory Board Goals:

Goal #1: Increase the number of applicants/candidates applying for the designation.

Expected Outcome:  Increased awareness of the RCE designation and an increased pool of RCE designees.

Action/Update:  Automatic emails promoting the RCE designation are sent to students who successfully complete any of the NAR self-study courses.

Association Leadership Development staff promoted the RCE designation at the 2015 AE Institute, the REALTOR® Party Convention and Trade Expo, the Leadership Summit, and the Conference and Expo.

Goal #2: Inform and educate REALTOR® association volunteer leadership that professional staff with the RCE designation provide greater value to the association.

Expected Outcome: Increased awareness of the RCE designation and support from elected leaders.

Action/Update:  The RCE designation will be promoted at the REALTORS® Party Convention RCE Leadership Luncheon, and at the REALTORS® Conference and Expo RCE Leadership Luncheon, in which RCEs attend with their elected leadership.

Goal #3: Develop and maintain all RCE policies and procedures; grade Section VI of the Applicant Data Form (ADF).

Expected Outcome: RCE policies and procedures are reviewed and updated annually; policies are also reviewed if and when an issue comes into question.

Action/Update:  The RCE Certification Advisory Board will conduct its annual review of the RCE policies and procedures at the 2015 REALTORS® Conference and Expo meeting.

Goal #4:  Review the Organizational Alignment Core Standards for Local and State Associations to ensure they are incorporated into the RCE designation’s Body of Knowledge.

Expected Outcome:  RCE Body of Knowledge reflects what is required of Local and State Associations to comply with the Organizational Alignment Core Standards for Local and State Associations.

Action/Update: The organizational alignment core standards were incorporated into the updated AE Competencies and RCE Body of Knowledge, as well as the updated Answer Book.  RCE study group facilitators are also highlighting these standards in the weekly RCE virtual study sessions and including sample questions that will be reviewed and incorporated into the RCE exam question data base.


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