Advanced Solutions to Elevate Your Agent Tools

Think schedules, client management, data privacy and safety.

The real estate industry is fast-paced and demanding. In this era of inventory shortages, anxious clients and rapid sales cycles, agents need to be as organized and efficient as possible. And, as the value of real estate data rises and more companies are being acquired each year, the need for data privacy and security has never been greater. 

While it is common for most agents to engage with several apps, tools and resources to assist in managing their business, cross-functionality and ease of use is critical. To assist members with these needs, association executives should remain aware of the latest technology enhancements that are providing the industry with advanced solutions for schedule management and client management, all while maintaining data privacy and safety.

Easy and Fast Schedule Management

Managing a daily schedule can be overwhelming, especially for agents with many showings, meetings, home inspections and contractors on the schedule. A mobile app that keeps track of day-to-day activities—and includes an AI virtual assistant—is a necessity. The SentriKey Showing Service is one tool that offers agents multiple options for daily management, such as: 

  • The ability to build and launch itineraries directly from within your MLS platform of choice.
  • The ability to quickly schedule an appointment and provide a temporary code for a one-time showing, with the code expiring at a preselected time. Showing instructions including alarm codes and property specifics can also be communicated through the app.
  • Multiple options for accommodating out-of-area agents in your market for your listings.
  • The ability to coordinate schedules and showings with clients and agents through in-app chat features.
  • Office managers and brokers have additional tools available to manage the schedules and appointment requests of teams and offices. 

Client Management

Effective client management is important for numerous reasons. Clear communication is essential. So is being able to keep track of buyer clients’ home-buying preferences. Tools like SentriKey Showing Service offer features that enhance your client relationships. Look for:

  • Tools that help you fully engage with your clients, such as in our ClientConnect mobile app for property search and showings.
  • A dashboard that offers easily accessible schedule creation for appointment approval and details about their listing. 
  • Ability to create and share driving routes optimized for efficiency, with recommendations for shorter routes and estimated travel times.

"Tools continue to evolve to provide even-more secure channels of connection and access."

Data Privacy

Agents constantly deal with sensitive information on properties and their clients. So, privacy and safety are at the forefront of any technology solution. Luckily, there have been major advancements in the area of data protection. For example, with the SentriLock suite of solutions, you can be assured that your members’ data and information are never shared, there is no third-party involvement, and their data will never be sold. All communications are encrypted, and our tools will continue to evolve to provide even more secure channels of connection and access.

Agent and Homeowner Safety

Agents need to be keenly aware of their surroundings and the people they connect with each day. For added security and protection, the SentriKey Showing Service has embedded a simple-to-use agent safety feature giving your members a way to automatically, and discreetly, alert an emergency contact when necessary.

Today’s associations are uniquely positioned to assist their members by sharing resources, information and tools. Through updated alert systems, new tools for showing management, improved lockbox integration, continued upgrades and ongoing technology reviews, SentriLock works with associations to give their members a solid foundation for their business needs.

Andrew Sims is the national sales director at SentriLock.




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