Bylaws Certification Process, Information, and Resources

Bylaws Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? An FAQ about the new Bylaws Certification process is now available.

Association bylaws do not need to be certified for 2021 because NAR made no changes to bylaws for 2021. To certify MLS documents, go here.

Since 2018, NAR is using a new, streamlined process for verification of bylaws compliance. Our goal is to provide state and local REALTOR® associations with the best resources to allow them to adopt and implement policies and procedures that result in the most effective governance of their organizations. From now on, there is no need for your association to submit your bylaws for review by NAR staff. You just need to certify that your association bylaws include the five (5) mandatory provisions that NAR requires to be adopted verbatim. Those mandatory provisions are:

1. Membership
2. Code of Ethics: Professional Standards and Training
3. REALTOR® Trademark
4. State and National Membership
5. Dues

You may view the required bylaws provisions for local associations here (DOC: 26 KB). The language for state associations is available by emailing Dan Doepke at

The association executive will be able to access the form with their NAR username and password. Please note that the language that must be included in your bylaws is the exact same language that was required in the 2017 Model Bylaws for Local and State Associations. 

Learn more about the MLS governing documents certification process.

Certification Form

Association bylaws do not need to be certified for 2021 because NAR made no changes to bylaws for 2021. Only click the “access the online form” below if you did not certify your bylaws for 2020.

Access the online form that association executives use to certify bylaws compliance.

You may view the required bylaw provisions for local associations here (DOC: 26 KB).

Supporting Resources

To complement the certification process, NAR is developing enhanced governance resources and "best practices" that will enable associations to implement bylaws, policies, and procedures that best meet their needs. New topics will be added monthly. 


Frequently asked questions on this new process are also available.