Registration opens June 5 for 2019's Leadership 400: Taking the Reins

REALTOR® Leadership Program: Leadership 400: Taking the Reins is scheduled for Sunday, August 11, in Chicago, IL as part of NAR's new Leadership Week, taking place in Chicago, IL. Get a boost on your leadership term with this day-long program.

Registration opens Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 12 pm CT, in conjunction with Leadership Week.

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Taking the Reins

This new course is designed for presidents and presidents-elect to better understand their responsibilities during their year in office. This highly interactive blended learning course will help prepare new presidents and presidents-elect to take on the position with confidence in a combination of online pre-work and a live 7 hour session.

You’ll learn powerful approaches to managing meetings, group decision making, governance principles, risk management and a number of other topics that will help you lead your association to success.


How does a president support the board to fulfill its duties?

  • Governance Principles

How do boards apply good governance?

  • Case study analysis on governance issues

How do groups make good decisions?

  • Types of decisions
  • Group decision-making questions
Adult education classroom

RLP L400 - Taking the Reins: Resources

Completed the RLP L400 course? View this online appendix for additional information, links to resources and more.

How do associations achieve long-term goals?

  • Situation-based activity
  • Tips for achieving long-term goals

How do boards effectively manage risk?

  • Organizing for risk management
  • Risk maps and risk registers

How do presidents chair great meetings?

  • Board agendas
  • Mock meeting practice sessions

How do presidents build relationships during conflict?

  • Principles for leading through conflict
  • Relationship principles in action


By the end of this program, you will be able to:

1. Explain the principles on which good governance is based

2. Identify elements that impact effective board governance

3. Assess the board’s ability to adhere to governance principles

4. Identify and eliminate barriers to achieving the association’s long-term goals

5. Recognize, prepare for and address risk

6. Provide input on and use an agenda effectively during meetings

7. Apply ground rules when chairing meetings

8. Facilitate motions and amendments that lead to good decision making

9. Chair effective meetings and handle meeting challenges as they arise

10. Manage issues in the context of relationships


Legal Action Program

Provides financial assistance to support litigation of significance to the real estate industry and private property rights.