Enhan​cing Leadership Skills

Just updated! This advanced REALTOR® Leadership Program workshop is for leaders who are interested in advancing their skills. This three-hour course, led by a trained facilitator, builds on the topics covered in the Leadership 200 course.

Through group activities and case study analysis, the workshop addresses the following topics to foster decision-making and conflict resolution skills:

Duties of Directors

  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Fulfilling the Duties of Directors

Strategic Planning

  • Outcomes of Strategic Planning
  • How Strategic Goals Guide Decision Making
  • Advancing a Strategic Plan
  • After the Plan: Addressing Challenges

Meeting Ma​nagement

  • Planning & Responsibilities of the Chair
  • How Chairs Handle Difficult Situations


  • Challenging Questions
  • Answer with Impact
  • Leadership Attributes:  Checklist for Leaders

Upcoming Courses

To find out more about licensing this course and hosting at your association, visit our Bring RLP to Your Association section.