The Legal Action Committee believes that it is desirable for State Associations and Local Boards of REALTORS® to establish Legal Action Programs of their own. Most State Associations have already done so, and some programs have also been established by local Boards. A variety of mechanisms are employed to provide funding for such State Association programs, including one-time assessments, annual allocation of dues, special assessments, allocation of any year-end surplus or the interest earned on the general fund, and dedicated dues allocations. The total amount of funding also varies, generally in accordance with the membership of the State Association.

The majority of local Boards and a few State Associations have not, however, established Legal Action Programs. For those that find it appropriate to consider doing so, a sample suggested Statement of Organization and Procedure is available from NAR. This Statement is prepared in a form for use by a State Association, but can easily be adapted for use by a local Board interested in doing so.

Even for State Associations or local Boards that do not elect to establish an ongoing Legal Action Program, however, it may be useful to develop a procedure to examine cases and make appropriate recommendations to the State Association or to NAR on an "ad hoc" basis. Since the NAR Legal Action Program often relies to a significant extent on the views of the local Board and State Association, and State Association programs may take a similar approach, it is expedient for Boards to have identified a process for providing a recommendation when a potentially significant case arises.