Code of Ethics Training Materials for New Members

**Includes Certificate of Completion**

Applicants for REALTOR® membership are required to complete a minimum of two hours and thirty minutes of orientation on the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®, as provided in the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation.

To assist associations of REALTORS® in meeting this requirement, the attached copyrighted program has been developed by the National Association. The program includes:

Facilitator's Guide (.DOC) — corresponds exactly to the content provided in the "Participant materials." Detailed information on using the course materials can be found in the "Overview of this Course for the Facilitator" on page i. "Facilitator" pages are formatted to printed on the left side and "Participant" pages on the right side of the Guide.

Participant Materials (.DOC)

PowerPoint Presentation (.PPT) — accompanies the materials above, can be used "as is" or modified by facilitators adept with PowerPoint.

Overhead Transparencies (.PPT) — content specific version of the PowerPoint presentation for use with overhead projectors.

Test (.DOC) — For optional use. A test is not required for a "live" classroom course.

Test With Answer Key (.DOC) — For optional use. A test is not required for a "live" classroom course.

These materials may be duplicated by local and state associations for use in conducting new member Code of Ethics orientation, and copies must indicate that they are copyrighted by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Certificate of Completion: Training certificates of completion for local association use are available.

For more information go to Code of Ethics Training Home.

Handout Materials

As referenced in the Facilitator's Guide the following information can also be used with the program.