Here are some resources people used to mark the Code of Ethics Centennial.

Pins and Banners

Show your pride in the Code of Ethics with Centennial pins and banners, available in the REALTOR® Team Store.

Web and Social Media

Customized Facebook banner images for AEs and for REALTORS® help you celebrate the Code's centennial on social media.

Share the quiz Test Your Knowledge of the Code of Ethics' 100-Year History or the Code of Ethics history slideshow.

Place Code of Ethics Centennial widgets on your business website or on your REALTOR® association website. Widget messages change monthly and link to Code of Ethics Centennial resources produced by REALTOR® Magazine and

Videos and Presentations

Customizable PowerPoint presentation templates are branded with the NAR Code of Ethics Centennial logo.

An interactive timeline charts the origins of the Code of Ethics and how it has evolved.

Downloadable videos and a PowerPoint presentation commemorate the centennial of the NAR Code of Ethics.

NAR's Code of Ethics PowerPoint presentation can be used to explain the Code of Ethics to individuals outside NAR, or as a refresher for members.

Media Outreach

Discuss the significance of the Code and its Centennial with these talking points.

Add your name and logo to this newspaper ad template (JPG: 280 KB) for print advertising.

Use these letter templates to request commemorative statements and coverage from elected officials, local organizations, and members of the press.

Use the model resolution (DOC; 24 KB) created by NAR to secure recognition of your association’s commitment to the Code of Ethics and its gift of vision by state legislators and local officials.

Read the original 1913 Code of Ethics, and learn what was happening in America at the time. has compiled media coverage of the centennial.

Centennial Graphics and Posters

A special Centennial-themed poster of the Code of Ethics, measuring 11" x 17", is easy to print and frame.

Associations may customize these graphics with their own organization's information.

Adobe Illustrator File (119kb)

JPG file (71kb)

Adobe Illustrator File (117kb)

JPG file (95kb)

JPG file (43 KB)

Your Celebrations

We'd appreciate knowing how you or your association are marking the Code of Ethics Centennial. Share your story with Kate Moore,

See how other members and associations have celebrated 100 years of the Code of Ethics.