Among those who chose the FSBO route, 59 percent knew the buyer who bought their homes and 41 percent did not know the buyer. Where FSBO sellers knew the buyer, the time on the market for the home was usually a week and sellers received 100 percent of the asking price. The median age for FSBO sellers is 58 years. Every home seller must eventually decide whether to hire a REALTOR® or to sell the home on their own. But even after they decide to go solo, FSBOs can still be convinced to use a REALTOR®'s expertise.


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Most Important Reason fo​r Selling Home as FSBO

  • Did not want to pay commission fee: 36%
  • Sold it to a relative / friend / neighbor: 32%
  • Buyers contacted seller directly: 16%
  • Did not want to deal with an agent: 6%
  • Agent was unable to sell home: 5%
  • Seller has real estate license: 1%
  • Could not find agent to handle transaction: *less than 1%
  • Other: 5%

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FSBO Websites: Yahoo! provides a list of over 40 FSBO websites that you may want to be aware of.

Working ​With FSBOs

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