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Advocacy Updates from Washington D.C.

In the wake of the recent litigation uncertainty posing threats to the Department of Labor’s Association Health Plan (AHP) rule, Senators Enzi (R-WY), Alexander (R-TN), and others, introduced the “Association Health Plans Act of 2019.” The bill would essentially codify the DOL rule, to protect the expansion of association health plans to small businesses and the self-employed. NAR has largely supported the availability of AHPs and the DOL rule that has provided more health insurance options for real estate professionals, including by weighing in on the lawsuit.

Both federal and state governments jointly regulate AHPs, therefore each state has the ability to approve AHPs depending on the needs or wants of its constituents and existing or new laws or regulations. Several state and local associations have already implemented AHPs in those friendly states, providing new and affordable health insurance benefits to members and their families. NAR will continue to support associations’ ability to offer AHP coverage, while continuing to fight an uphill battle for any national options. In addition to supporting federal AHP policy efforts, NAR has been partnering with state and local associations to engage state insurance commissioners, legislators, and attorney generals, individually and in coalition, to protect the needs of self-employed individuals while preserving rule flexibility to allow for more AHP development.

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