Chicago Building Remodel Project

Videos chronicling the amazing work completed during the last 18 months on the revitalization of NAR's Chicago Headquarters.

The Real Property Operations Committee is proud to preview the latest progress in the renovation of our home in the heart of Chicago.

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These videos chronicle the amazing work completed during the last 2 years on the revitalization of NAR’s Chicago Headquarters. The extensive project, which replaces the building's outdated and aged mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing, and electrical), adds a new sky level floor to the top of the building, and renovates each floor, NAR- and tenant-occupied alike, was approved in May of 2018. A primary focus of the project is maintaining the building’s LEED Gold status, attained in 2011, and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanicals.

As of March 2020, our first NAR occupied floor was completed.

Take pride in the enhanced representation of REALTORS® in one of Chicago’s most coveted A+ neighborhoods, while continuing to position NAR as a leader in the sustainability space so important to many of our members.


Legal Action Program

Provides financial assistance to support litigation of significance to the real estate industry and private property rights.


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