Best Practices for Strengthening Staff & Volunteer Relationships Webinar

Recorded on March 26, 2020 as part of the AE Lead Series

Each year you have a new president, committees, chairs and vice chairs etc. How do you ensure all are singing from the same sheet of music or are in line with each other's goals and direction? How do you start on strong footing with them, personally? It may not be easy managing so many personalities, but it is not impossible. Hear from your fellow AE colleagues (and their leaders!) on time-tested techniques, tools and tips for aligning with your volunteer leaders and setting yourself up for a successful relationship and year!


  • Laura Crowther, CEO, Coastal Carolina Association of REALTORS®;
  • Ruth Hackney, CEO, REALTOR® Association of South Central Wisconsin;
  • Travis Kessler, CEO Texas REALTORS®



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