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National Ad Campaign

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That’s Who We R, NAR’s national advertising campaign, helps consumers understand that REALTORS® are real estate experts in their local communities that abide by a Code of Ethics. This year, the That’s Who We R campaign works as hard you do to show the many ways REALTORS® are here to make the dream of property ownership a reality for your clients.

“REALTORS® Are Here For It” demonstrates how REALTORS® bring value, partnership, and professionalism to every aspect of the property ownership journey, and often beyond that. A fully integrated media mix of TV, radio, streaming video, digital audio, social, and search delivers this work to our target audiences nationally.

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Members can leverage NAR’s ad campaign by tapping into its advertising, social media, and Content Partnership resources and sharing out who you are and the value you bring to consumers. These brand-boosting assets will require member sign-in credentials. Examples of usage and brand guidelines can also be found.


2023 TV Ads

Please note: We cannot provide video files for download to any of our 2023 video spots due to talent and music licensing. However, REALTOR® family may share the spots posted from NAR’s YouTube channel by clicking “Share” under the video and then copying and pasting the provided URL. YouTube also provides buttons to directly share to a number of social media platforms or an embed button to add the video to your blog or website if you are a site owner or administrator.

Remember, our 2023 videos will be removed and all links to them on YouTube will be disabled in early 2024 when the talent agreements end for this work.

2023 Radio Ads

Please note: Radio spots are not available for download due to talent and music licensing. Radio scripts are available for download and use only as a radio spot, in your local market. The scripts have been approved by NAR legal counsel and may not be altered.

Here For It :30

Download: Here For It script (PDF: 41 KB)

Here to Advocate :30

Download: Here to Advocate script (PDF: 46 KB)

:15sec Radio Scripts – 2023

Expertise and Education :15
Download: Script (PDF: 45 KB)

Ethics :15
Download: Script (PDF: 45 KB)

Advocates :15
Download: Script (PDF: 45 KB)

2023 Bloomberg Radio Scripts

NAR’s consumer ad campaign developed 13 custom :60sec scripts for a recent partnership with Bloomberg Radio. Each script highlights REALTORS® and/or the National Association of REALTORS®.  While we can't share the actual audio files recorded with Bloomberg talent, we can share the approved scripts. The scripts are available for download in 3 groups, but note that if you are having them recorded, the scripts have been approved as-is and may not be altered in any form.

Group 1

Download: Scripts (PDF: 123 KB)

  • Maximizing REALTOR® Value
  • How LBMs Ensure Efficiency
  • REALTORS® Relief Foundation

Group 2

Download: Scripts (PDF: 73 KB)

  • REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors Campaign
  • How Local Broker Marketplaces Advance Consumer Interests
  • Housing Prices
  • Fair Housing Advocacy

Group 3

Download: Scripts (PDF: 76 KB)

  • Housing Inventory
  • Global
  • Fair Housing
  • Commercial
  • Sustainability

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