Media Strategy & Partnerships

Strategic media placements and engaging creative will put REALTORS® and their ethics, not properties, front and center. :15 and :30 TV spots, digital ads, online video, and social media posts serve to tell stories about humans helping humans find dream homes, build dream communities, and turn business dreams into realities. These stories and values will become associated with the iconic REALTOR® “R”, that lives on the lapel of members nationwide.

Branded Content Partnerships

Branded content partnerships help us create unique real estate-related content to engage consumers and help set REALTORS® apart from agents and apps, while demonstrating the expertise a REALTOR® brings to the transaction.

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Apartment Therapy

Journey Home

NAR has partnered with Apartment Therapy, a popular lifestyle and interior design site, to showcase the home buying process with an illustrated board-game journey featuring pop-up hotspots for each stage with information and tips. The partnership also includes eight native widgets and an 8-part video series that features home buyer’s realty pain points that were solved by the help of a REALTOR®.

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The Daily Beast

Hill to Home

NAR has partnered with The Daily Beast, an American news and opinion website focused on politics and pop culture, to create a series of articles showcasing NAR as the leading advocate for homeowners, and the REALTORS® who are arming homeowners with the knowledge to make informed choices. A separate initiative “Neighborhood Shapers” tells the stories of minority homeowners who broke ground by moving to non-minority areas, and the support REALTORS® gave them then and continue to provide.

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The Atlantic

The New Housing Landscape

NAR has partnered with The Atlantic, an American news and multi-platform publisher, covering news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, to create a multi-media destination page, highlighting various ethical dilemmas facing today’s homeowner, such as interacting with neighbors, renting space on Airbnb, and remodeling classic features. Through each experience, thoughtful insights and guidance from REALTORS® supports the modern home owning experience.

That's Who We R The Atlantic Content Partnership

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Moving Outside the Box

NAR has partnered with Thrillist, an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment, to create a 6-part written series, featuring different regions of the country whose liveability is far greater than most people assume, such as the Rust Belt, suburbia, or small town America. Each article includes tips and expertise from local REALTORS®, as they open the clients and the viewers minds to beautiful housing options around the country.

That's Who We R: Thrillist Content Partnership

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Guaranteed Engagement

NAR has partnered with TrueX, a leading engagement advertising platform, to create three :30 second interactive engagement takeovers running on full-episode programming. This advertising unit leverages NAR’s REALTOR® Code of Ethics to effectively build consumer understanding around the value of using a REALTOR® and showcases the REALTOR® difference.

That's Who We R: TrueX Content Partnership

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Washington Post

The New American Cul-De-Sac

NAR has partnered with the Washington Post to create a virtual, interactive cul-de-sac that allows users to navigate through different stories from modern home buyers expressing how a REALTOR® helped them on the path to ownership. The articles also give a voice to the REALTOR®, who will give expert analysis on the trends covered.

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Home Again

NAR has partnered with Vice, a digital broadcasting and media company that focuses on original reporting and documentaries, to showcase the REALTOR® Relief Foundation and NAR’s Good Neighbor Awards through a 3-part video series. Each video delves into a devastating natural disaster and follows homeowners, REALTORS®, town planners and construction workers as they face the second year of rebuilding housing and their community for the future.

Home Again (That's Who We R)

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