Social Media Guidelines for NAR Leaders

As used in these Guidelines, “NAR leaders” includes elected and appointed officers, directors, committee chairs and vice chairs, President Liaisons, and other members appointed to positions of leadership by the NAR Leadership Team.

Social media is a powerful and effective communication and engagement tool and NAR encourages NAR leaders to utilize social media to help raise awareness of NAR’s work and issues of interest to REALTORS® and consumers. These Social Media Guidelines for NAR Leaders (Guidelines) are intended to enable NAR leaders to maintain their ability to express themselves personally on social media, while also ensuring that the reputation and work of NAR is protected. In furtherance of these objectives, NAR leaders should try to follow these Guidelines:

  1. While the President is the chief spokesperson for NAR, all NAR leaders are encouraged to use social media to promote NAR’s mission, policy positions, advocacy efforts, and other association news.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, it is acceptable to repost or share NAR published communications and established policy positions.
  3. Always be professional and ethical when engaging in social media and avoid making statements or posting photographs that could reasonably harm the Association.
  4. In the capacity of an NAR leader, avoid making statements contrary to NAR’s public positions on federal issues, including but not limited to contrary statements about appointees, elected officials or candidates, and legislative or regulatory matters.
  5. When reasonably necessary or useful, include a disclaimer that views expressed by the NAR leader are personal to the individual and do not represent the official views of NAR.
  6. Do not disclose any confidential information.
  7. Do not call for a boycott of a product, service, or company.
  8. Avoid any connection to NAR when making personal statements of endorsement or opposition to particular products, services, or companies.
  9. Respect third-party intellectual property, and always use NAR’s trademarks in accordance with NAR’s Membership Marks Manual. REALTOR® means member of the National Association of REALTORS® and must not be used generically as a synonym for the occupation of “real estate agent” or “broker”.
  10. If an NAR leader is unsure whether a particular communication is appropriate, the NAR leader should refrain from making the social media post or contact the President or CEO prior to publishing the post.

NAR leaders who do not adhere to these Guidelines or who otherwise act inappropriately when engaging in social media, may be contacted by the President or CEO to resolve the situation, which may include withdrawing, correcting, or revising the communication at issue.


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