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Data Security and Cyber Safety

Incorporating Safety Into Your Business

Kimberly Allard-Moccia helps you learn about specific tools and gathers practical advice for implementing safety protocols across your real estate business. Whether you work on your own or as part of a team, everyone should have the same goal – to create a safe work environment.

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Are You & Y​our D​ata an Easy Target?

Safety expert Andrew Wooten provides tips on how to keep you and your data safe while at the office. Topics covered in this free NAR webinar include workplace personal safety, how to keep your office from becoming exposed to risk, and how to create an office plan with safeguards.

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Identity Theft: Protecting You & Your Clients

The second in the series of NAR's REALTOR® Safety Webinars led by industry expert Andrew Wooten, "Identity Theft: Protecting You and Your Clients," offered several suggestions and precautions you should take to keep your personal information and property secure, and what you should do if you are a victim of identity theft. The session also provides great information to can share with your clients, including brief instructions on how to keep your clients' information protected. 

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Social Media & Cyber Safety

In this session, safety expert Andrew Wooten, provides social media and cybersafety safety tips. Learn how today's criminals are using your social media information for illegal activities, and discover how you could be tracked through geotags. 

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Open Houses, Foreclosures, Vacant Houses

Every Agent's Five-Step Plan for Open Houses

There are many risky situations real estate professionals put themselves in every day as part of their on-the-job duties. Among those are hosting open houses, going on listing appointments and visiting vacant properties. But there are certain steps and procedures to follow to decrease the chances of bad things happening to you while performing these necessary components of your job.

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Learning to Remove Dangers & Work Safely at REOs and Foreclosures

This free NAR webinar, presented by safety expert Tracy Hawkins, provides strategies and contingency plans to maximize safety while showing properties, hosting open houses, or evaluating REO, foreclosures, and distressed properties.

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Open House & Listing Appointment Safety

Safety expert Andrew Wooten presents a one-hour webinar, "Open House and Listing Appointment Safety," highlighting what to do during an open house and listing appointment to maximize your safety and the safety of your clients. 

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Safety at Open H​ouses

Safety at Open Houses, led by industry expert Andrew Wooten, kicked off REALTOR® Safety Week and offered several safety tips and precautions you should take when hosting an open house, including warning signs you should pay attention to, 'what to do if' pointers and several easy-to-implement steps to keep you safe.

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Top 10 Ways to Keep You & Your Clients Safe at Open Houses

This 30-minute session, "Top 10 Ways to Keep You & Your Clients Safe at Open Houses," offers the best techniques to increase the safety of REALTORS®, their clients, and their clients' property during an open house.

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Personal Safety

Get Smart About Smart Homes and Your Safety

Being safe starts at home, and by now we're familiar with most of the usual safety measures homeowners take — deadbolts, window locks, even basic security systems. But, in this brave new world of technology, what about smart home devices? What do you, as REALTORS®, need to know about these devices to best inform and protect your clients? What do you need to know for yourself to ensure your own safety? You may learn some things that open your eyes, and you'll definitely walk away with knowledge you can start using immediately.

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Holiday Season Safety Tips

Don't miss safety expert, Andrew Wooten as he presents a webinar, "Holiday Season Safety Tips," highlighting practical tips and techniques to help you, your members, and their clients stay safe during the busy holiday season.

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How to Detect & Redirect Unwanted Attention From Past, Present Or Potential Clients

This free NAR REALTOR® Safety Webinar, presented by Sergeant Preston Taylor, provides strategies on how to make it harder for these types of people to obtain personal information about you, and how to try to avoid such individuals now and in the future. 

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Personal Safety Is All About You

This free NAR REALTOR® Safety webinar discusses personal safety as it relates to work, home, and travel. Even though you cannot eliminate all possibility of becoming a victim, there are steps you can take to reduce the odds.

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Professional, Profitable & Protected

PMAre you putting yourself in danger by being too nice for your own good? Do you have a safety plan in place in case you ever feel unsafe during a property showing or open house? Sign up for this free safety webinar from the National Association of REALTORS® and learn from Paula Monthofer, Owner of Focus School of Real Estate and the 2017 President of Arizona REALTORS®, as she shares tips and strategies to keep you safe while being professional and profitable.

Paula Monthofer brings every subject to life by mixing passion, humor, and her experience as an active REALTOR® and business leader in a fun and relatable way. Her list of awards, achievements, and credentials in the real estate industry is long and distinguished. Paula was instrumental in bringing forth the idea of ASAP - Agent Safety Alert Program, a text-based alert system for Arizona REALTORS® that notifies members that an incident has occurred that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of other REALTORS® in the area. She has been a REALTOR® since 2003, is the Owner of Focus School of Real Estate and is the 2017 President of Arizona REALTORS®.

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REALTOR® Safety From a Law Enforcement Perspective

As a REALTOR®, it’s important to develop and maintain a personal safety protocol for your business. In this free safety webinar from NAR, you’ll learn to look at safety from the perspective of a law enforcement professional. Adrian Manzanares has more than 20 years of experience as an officer and criminal investigator. Now, he’s a real estate broker and he’ll share his years of knowledge with you so you can apply simple safety strategies into your business that will help you stay alert and safe while on the job.

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Safe Selling in the Most Dangerous Season

Safety expert, Andrew Wooten, leads you through tips you can use for yourself on the job and ideas to share with clients on how to avoid common summertime crimes, reduce exposure, and increase your safety and the safety of your clients.

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Safety Webinar Summit, Sept. 2015

On Sept. 9, 2015, four webinars were presented by five noted safety experts as part of REALTOR® Safety Month. Read more about the contributors below or listen to an archived recording.

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Don't Get in the Pen With the Bull - and Other Safety Tips for Rural Land Professionals
Instructor: Terri Jensen

Being safe means being aware of your surroundings, and for land professionals, that includes interacting with humans and animals, and responding to fast-changing weather and road conditions, to name a few. Learn how to be safe in the rural environments.

TerriTerri Jensen is the 2015 National President of REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI). She is a real estate investor relations manager and appraisal manager with Farmers National Company, and holds Nebraska and Minnesota broker licenses, a Minnesota appraisal license, and a past Minnesota auctioneer license, in addition to the prestigious ALC Advanced (Accredited Land Consultant Advanced) designation. Terri has assisted landowners with their real estate, appraisal or auction needs since 1984. She is also involved in legislative issues at the local, state and national levels, most recently educating legislators on how 1031 exchanges are utilized and the impact of repeal, WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.) and the use of drones/UAVs for commercial use.

REALTOR® Safety: Everyday Actions That May Compromise Safety
Instructor: Adrian Manzaneres

Every day, we make decisions that can put us in danger, from fumbling with your keys in a parking lot to meeting a stranger at a property. Learn more about these situations and how you can be smart about your safety, personally and professionally.

AdrianAdrian Manzanares is a REALTOR® in Colorado with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. Prior to leaving law enforcement, he was a certified instructor in Field Training, Interview & Interrogation, and Firearms. In addition to being an active producer, Adrian provides REALTORS® across the state with safety training. With his unique perspective of both law enforcement and real estate, the information he shares is essential to your day-to-day activities.

Discover REALTOR® Safety Through Technology and Change Management
Instructors: Mike Becker and Adam Havey

Technology has become one tool REALTORS® use to stay safe. In this webinar, we will examine technologies that you can use right now to give you more confidence to go about your work safely, knowing you’re doing everything to protect yourself, your co-workers and your clients.

MikeMike Becker is a growth strategist, serial blogger and entrepreneur with more than a decade of digital marketing experience. Prior to starting and selling his first digital marketing agency, he was a cryptological linguist in the United States Marine Corp and has run more than a dozen reconnaissance missions around the world. Before becoming the chief marketing officer for Guard Llama, Mike worked heavily with technology startups, executing business growth strategies through digital marketing. In addition to combat experience, Mike extensively studied terrorism and human behavior. After experiencing first-hand human potential for violence, Mike has dedicated his career to developing safety programs and courses that support Gaurd Llama's mission to advancing personal security.

AdamAdam Havey is a life-long entrepreneur with over a decade of leadership experience in sales and marketing. As head of sales for Guard Llama, Adam focuses on strategic planning, personnel management, and account management. Prior to founding Guard Llama, Adam was the co-founder of a security system monitoring center. He helped grow the business to over 135,000 paying clients and 30 employees. Guard Llama’s service holds a special place in Adam’s heart as he has seen first-hand the faults in the current 9-1-1 system. As a Rape Crisis Intervention Counselor for the YWCA, Adam dedicates his free time to counseling survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and educating Chicago’s youth on sexual assault prevention education.

Online Thievery: What to Do If You Experience a Data Breach
Instructor: Melanie Wyne

You do everything you can to protect your data and your clients’, but what happens when there is data breach? This webinar will explore the ways you can recover from the breach and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.

MelanieMelanie Wyne is the senior policy representative at the National Association of REALTORS®. She has been a technology policy advocate for over a decade. At NAR, Melanie’s policy portfolio includes telecommunications/Internet policy, data privacy and security and intellectual property issues. Prior to joining NAR, Melanie was the director of public policy for a global technology trade association where she lobbied in Washington and in foreign capitals for the technology industry. She has also been a policy advocate for Bank of America where she handled the bank’s technology portfolio, including data privacy and security issues. Melanie‘s professional background also includes stints as a software startup executive and a commercial litigation attorney.

Working With Clients

Safety: Do This Now

Instructor: Andrea “Andy” Tolbert

Andy Tolbert Headshot

How do REALTORS® walk the line of prospecting and self-preservation? Register for this free safety webinar from the National Association of REALTORS® to learn from Andy Tolbert, Founder, SaferAgent, as she shares simple steps you can implement right away to minimize risk in your day-to-day business interactions.

Andrea “Andy” Tolbert has been in the real estate and mortgage industry since 1995, a REALTOR® since 1998, and a partner in a real estate brokerage that focused on sales and property management. As the Founder of SaferAgent, she and her husband, Tim, train real estate agents across Florida on how to protect themselves and their clients in a way that they'll immediately "get" and be able to implement the very same day.

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Stay Safe by Building Better Business Relationships

Instructor: Tamara Suminski

Tamara Suminski Headshot

Are you conducting your business in a way that keeps you safe? Sign up for this free safety webinar from the National Association of REALTORS® to learn from Tamara Suminski, Broker-Owner, Beach Real Estate Group and NAR REALTOR® Safety Course Instructor, as she explains how to mitigate risks by building better business relationships, and the importance of following safety protocols.

Tamara Suminski is the Broker-Owner of Beach Real Estate Group in Manhattan Beach, CA, is an industry expert, sought-after speaker, and instructor of NAR’s Safety Matters Course. She was the 2014 President of South Bay Association of REALTORS®, earned the 2010 REALTOR® of the Year Award, and currently serves on several committees for both the California and National Association of REALTORS®. Tamara is dedicated to improving the real estate experience through continuous innovation and the highest standards of service. She is passionate about REALTOR® safety, and is enthusiastic about sharing best practices with fellow REALTORS®.

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First Meeti​ngs —​ How to Lay the Groundwork for Safety

The third in the series of NAR's REALTOR® Safety Webinars was led by industry expert, Andrew Wooten, and focused on first meetings. Wooten offers several suggestions to help establish good safety practices when meeting new clients. Attendees learned what to do, how to effectively check backgrounds, what danger signs to look for, and more. 

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Safety Tips to​ Share With Sellers

The National Association of REALTORS® has worked hard to keep REALTOR® Safety foremost in everyone’s minds. But what about your clients? They, too, face some dangers in allowing strangers into their homes or visiting other people’s properties.

During this free NAR REALTOR® Safety webinar, Sergeant Preston Taylor discussed valuable advice and steps to share with your clients to help protect them against crime.

Download the recording and accompanying slides.

For questions regarding NAR's REALTOR® Safety initiative and resources, email safety@realtors.org.